Youth seized after forcing way onto BWI plane Told USAir pilot he had a bomb, police report

airline worker injured

January 27, 1993|By Roger Twigg | Roger Twigg,Staff Writer

A unruly teen-ager hallucinating on drugs forced his way onto a USAir flight at Baltimore-Washington International Airport early today and told the pilot he had a bomb, authorities reported.

The Boeing 737, designated as USAir Flight 1096 for Charlotte, N.C., was searched just before 7 a.m., but no explosives were found.

The incident -- which included a foot chase in the terminal of the 17-year-old suspect by the pilot before state troopers arrested him -- began when the Arizona boy began arguing with a fellow passenger during a flight from Phoenix, police said.

Sources familiar with the investigation said the boy apparently over dosed on some type of drug while on the flight from Phoenix to Baltimore and was hallucinating.

No drugs were found on the suspect, however, the sources said.

Sgt. Greg Shipley, a Maryland State Police spokesman, said the suspect arrived at BWI about 6 a.m. on USAir Flight 605 and began arguing with another passenger while getting off the plane at Pier D.

After the passenger complained to an airline employee, the employee confronted the suspect, who then struck the USAir employee.

Sergeant Shipley said the teen-ager then forced his way onto USAir Flight 1096, which was loading for a flight to Charlotte, bumped into the pilot while running down the aisle of the plane, and announced that there was a bomb on board.

The suspect turned to run back into the airport terminal with the pilot chasing him. Troopers rushing toward the plane grabbed the youth, tussled with him for a few moments, and took him into custody.

A dozen passengers who were on board were then taken off the plane, which was moved away from the terminal and searched by investigators from the state fire marshal's office.

No bombs were found, and normal operations returned at BWI. The youth had a ticket for a different flight, for Roanoke, Va., an airline spokesman said.

The USAir employee who was assaulted was taken to St. Agnes Hospital for treatment of a head injury.

By 10 a.m. yesterday, the suspect was subdued and sitting in the state police office at the airport, Sergeant Shipley said.

Police were consulting the state's attorney's office to determine how to deal with the juvenile.

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