Manchester planners OK plan for Blevins Claim NORTH -- Manchester * Hampstead * Lineboro

January 27, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

The Manchester Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4-0 Monday night to grant preliminary approval for Blevins Claim, a 61-acre, 164-home development of single-family houses on Bachman Avenue north of Route 27.

Commission Chairman Benjamin Perricone said after the meeting that the project is the largest single development tract the commission has considered, although larger developments have been built in phases in Manchester over the years.

Nobody spoke against the project at the meeting.

Mr. Perricone said the biggest obstacle facing developer Henry L. Blevin's project had been locating sufficient water supplies.

"Finding water is the $6 million question," he said.

Commission members were concerned that new wells drilled for the development might divert water from the town's nearby well and spring, reducing their output. Mr. Perricone said the question was, "Were they going to rob Peter to pay Paul?"

A geologist told the commission he had monitored the town's existing water sources and determined that the new wells did not affect their output.

Town Manager Terry Short said county officials had reviewed the geologist's findings and were satisfied with them.

The land on which the proposed development will be built was annexed by Manchester in 1987 for the purpose of development. At that time, the town set a requirement that the developer provide 500 gallons of water a day for each house in the subdivision.

Mr. Perricone said he was satisfied that the two wells that will serve the subdivision will provide a total of more than 680 gallons per home daily.

The developer agreed to build a wall between the town's nearby spring and the planned access road from the subdivision to Route 27. Mr. Perricone said wall would prevent roadway runoff from tainting the water.

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