Man sentenced to 1 year for sex abuse ANNAPOLIS/SOUTH COUNTY -- Davidsonville * Edgewater * Shady Side * Deale

January 26, 1993|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Staff Writer

A 43-year-old barber who admitted that he sexually abused his daughter when they shared an Annapolis apartment nine years ago was sentenced to a year in jail yesterday and ordered to pay $13,500 for her therapy.

Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. sentenced the man after he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his daughter, now 17, when she was sent to live with him at age 7 for seven months while her mother was away.

The girl testified yesterday that only now is she getting over the trauma of being sexually abused by the man who divorced her mother when she was an infant.

She said that after the abuse occurred her father threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

She told her mother when she was 9 years old but was too afraid to tell police, according to a statement of facts. But that has changed, she said yesterday, reading from a prepared statement.

"I am not afraid of you. Your pathetic threats of killing me don't scare me. I am a better person than you could ever be," she said.

The victim's mother also testified, saying that the abuse changed her daughter from a happy, carefree child to one who brooded and always was anxious. "She became unable to enjoy any public events or outings. . . . She was convinced that men were staring at her and we would have to leave," the mother recalled.

Her father said he was taking drugs at the time of the abuse and did not remember it. He appeared near tears as he turned from the defense table and tried to apologize to his daughter.

"You have an opportunity to change your life. I have an opportunity to change my life," he said. "You're going to be all right, and I'm going to be all right."

Judge Thieme agreed to let the man free during the day to practice his trade but ordered him to return at night to the detention center.

Deputy State's Attorney William Roessler said he discussed the possibility of a short jail term for the man with the girl and her mother before he agreed to accept the guilty plea.

"They wanted an opportunity to do what they did today, to stand up and tell the court what happened," he said after the hearing. "What was important for them was that they got that opportunity."

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