The Sandman is successful as a sleuth

January 25, 1993|By Los Angeles Daily News

GLENDALE, Calif. -- A man suspected of being a car burglar apparently had all the tools he possibly needed the other night except one -- a good night's sleep, police said.

Alice Saginian, 33, said her husband Vahe noticed a man in her car when he went into the garage about 5:50 a.m. to go to work. Vahe Saginian told his wife he saw two feet sticking out of the Honda's open driver's side door.

"He came running up here. We thought either someone had been killed or a homeless man needed a place to sleep," Alice Saginian said. "He was sleeping on my pillow I always leave in the car. Next time, I will leave a blanket."

Glendale police said they arrived to find Daniel Marcos Sanchez, 26, of Los Angeles, sleeping across the front seats of the car inside a gated garage.

Officers said that Mr. Sanchez was so sound asleep that even when they approached the car and ordered him not to move -- he didn't.

"This is the first time we have seen anybody fall asleep during the commission of a crime," said department spokesman Sgt. Lief Nicolaisen. "We'd like to see more of these auto burglars fall asleep. It might help us clear a few more cases."

Mr. Sanchez was arrested on suspicion of car burglary because police believe he intended to take items from the car. He was being held in the city jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Investigators said that they believe Mr. Sanchez intended to burglarize the area because he had a black flashlight, two tools used to open doors and a bungie cord, often used to keep doors open to allow for a quick getaway.

Glendale is a Los Angeles-area city.

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