Son of Stephen and Dorothy Ellen...


January 25, 1993

TIMOTHY A. DUTTERER, 15, son of Stephen and Dorothy Ellen Dutterer, Cherrytown Road in Silver Run.

School: sophomore at Westminster High School.

Honored for: "He is the class president," said Assistant Principal Ronald Laczkowski. "He has solid academic standing. . . . He's also a member of the marching band, and he's doing all this with a visual impairment."

Goals: "I guess I would like to go into an Ivy League college," Tim said. "I just want to go to college and be a lawyer and pursue a political career. I like the fact that you can make a difference. I can't just sit back and let things happen. I like to be a part of things. In law, I would like environmental law."

Comments: Tim said the visual impairment he has had since birth makes reading difficult, although he can read. Most of his textbooks are available on tape, he said. "I've never had perfect vision, so it doesn't make that much difference," he said. "The extra-curricular stuff comes pretty easy." He acknowledged that his academic achievement has required a lot of hard work.

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