Reviews of shareware programs for IBM and compatible...


January 25, 1993

Reviews of shareware programs for IBM and compatible computers. The programs are available from bulletin boards and computer clubs. Users try them, then pay a fee to register if they decide to use them regularly.)


STICKIES: Every square inch of my work environment is littered with yellow stick-on notes. With Stickies (the Windows version), you can choose any color stick-on note from among a rainbow of colors, and up to 45 stickies can be on your screen at once.

BUTTON STAR PLUS: I have stacks of Windows program managers, but none is as easy to install, use and maintain as Button Star Plus. Big, easy-to-read buttons can be strung across your monitor in any direction you want. The buttons pick up the icon your favorite programs use. Then you need only click once to load your program.

WINDIR: This file manager for Windows sits unobtrusively in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, complete with clock. Click on the WINDIR icon and a vertical tool bar emerges that allows you to run, copy, move, delete and rename files. Look for version 4.80 or higher.

CLIPMATE FOR WINDOWS: The Windows clipboard is a holding bin for deleted text. Unfortunately, it will hold only the last bunch of text you deleted. Clipmate solves that problem by storing lots of cut text. Once Clipmate is loaded, it sits in the background, recording those cuts. When they're needed, you can choose which deletions you want to restore. Look for version 1.5 or higher. After trying Clipmate, registration costs $25.

(For more information, contact Shareware, P.O. Box 7037, Long Beach, CA 90807. Phone (800) 395-7797. Fax (310) 426-0110. A catalog on a disk costs $2. Please specify 5.25- or 3.5-inch disks.)

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