Mild winter helps courses, but snow OK, too


January 24, 1993|By GEORGE TAYLOR

TC Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

In fact, as far as Carroll County golf course operators are concerned, more snow clouds would be welcome.

This winter's weather has been favorable to golf course superintendents. Conditions have allowed for successful overseeding projects, and the extremes of freezes and thaws have been minimal.

But Bill Horney, head professional at Wakefield Valley, said, "I think a lot of superintendents would be happy with more snow to protect their fairways before the early rush of spring golfers begins."

Winter play is damaging to golf courses. Many superintendents encourage periods during the winter when their courses are closed.

The new Oakmont Greens course in Hampstead is being doubly protected this winter by closing all facilities until March 1.

"Winter play on a course as young as ours could be dangerous in our first season," said Oakmont Green

owner Lee Snyder. The course was "pushed" to open last summer.

Piney Branch president retires

After a fulfilling experience for both himself and the membership at Piney Branch Golf Club, Don Richardson has retired as club president.

Richardson served on the club's board of directors for 20 years and has been president for the past nine years.

During Richardson's reign, the club built two major additions to the clubhouse, including men's and women's locker rooms, a maintenance building and a cart barn. Also, a fleet of riding carts has been acquired.

While in office, Richardson has worked with four professionals -- Tim McCoy, Joe Guillebean, Phil Buzzelli and Jeff Zachman.

As Richardson retires, the club's debts have been resolved, and there is a list of nearly 100 waiting to be accepted as members.

Although Richardson served with no financial return for his duties, he said the satisfaction in working with the club has been invaluable.

Dave Brauning replaces Richardson as Piney Branch president. Pro staff at Piney Branch includes Jeff Zachman, Jana Zachman, John Miller and Mel Dorman.

Tournament news

A committee has been set up to establish plans for the second Carroll County Golf Championship. The event, played over 18 holes at Wakefield last year, is being considered as a one-day event of 27 holes at Wakefield. Tentative date is Aug. 2.

Wakefield Valley again will play host to the Sectional Qualifying round for the U.S. Amateur Championship (Aug. 9) and the Oldsmobile Scramble (Sept. 7).

Changes at Bear Creek

Extensive redesigning has taken place at Bear Creek this winter, said course owner Bob Reck.

They include rebuilding the 14th, 15th and eighth greens, extending the tees on the 14th, 15th and 16th holes and erecting a new tee on the 17th hole.

Finksburg course on hold

The proposed project to build an 18-hole golf course in Finksburg remains on hold. Dick Moore, spokesman for the River Downs course, said all the permits have been granted. Officials involved are awaiting financing. There is no target date for opening at the site, located on Route 91 and Lawndale Road.

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