Mixon nearly betters his Crofton mark


January 24, 1993|By DON VITEK

Mark Mixon failed to break the house record for a three-game set at Crofton Bowling Centre on Jan. 13, but that's OK. It was his record anyway.

He bowls in two leagues, the Tuesday Scratch and the Thursday Mixed at Crofton. He was subbing on the Wednesday night he shot games of 278, 256 and 256 for a 790 series.

"Yeah, I threw the 790 set a few years ago," Mixon said. "And back in November I shot a 290 game so I wasn't too surprised to shoot 790 again."

Mixon lives in Millersville with his wife, Peggy (a 140-average bowler), and sons Mark Jr., 20, and Ray, 15.

"We're a bowling family," Mixon said. "The boys take after me, I guess."

Averaging 198, Mixon throws a controlled hook with his Purple Nitro.

"That night I was basically a down-and-in bowler," he said. "That's what I felt would work best on the lane condition that night."

A return to perfection

Del Crandall missed his 700 set by one pin at Greenway Bowl Odenton on Jan. 12 in the Tuesday Bud Mixed League. And he doesn't care because sandwiched between games of 201 and 198, he fired a 300 game.

The Bowie resident quit tenpins when he was 17 and didn't pick up a bowling ball for 10 years.

"About five years ago I started bowling again," Crandall said. "Last year I averaged 187 but this year I'm up to 198."

Crandall is another bowler who can read a lane condition quickly.

"I was using a Columbia Black Dot ball in the first game," he said. "But in the eighth frame I switched to a U-2 to get more carry."

Almost always at the lanes

Gloria-Ann Lopp of Ferndale has been bowling since she was 17. For the past year you could find her working at Fair Lanes Annapolis, and on the weekends at Fair Lanes Ritchie as a data entry clerk or at the control counter.

"I've been with Fair Lanes for about a year," she said. "Originally ,, as a data entry clerk but slowly I've started working wherever they need me."

She averages 171 in the Wednesday Night Sociables league at Ritchie and is "proud to say that my husband, Ron, helps me with my game."

With a high game of 266 and a high set of 602, Lopp still has time for knitting, sewing and, her passion, ice hockey.

Everyone can do on the lanes

Ruth Putnam is a budget analyst for the state of Maryland and the youth director at Fair Lanes Annapolis. That's enough to keep anyone busy, but Putnam finds time to run the Can-Doers, a special education league for the disabled that bowls every Saturday at Annapolis.

Putnam bowls in the Tuesday Late Mix and the Friday New Towners leagues at Annapolis and Crofton Bowling Centre, respectively. She averages 155 with a high game of 256 and a high set of 579.

Bowling for 10 years, Putnam saw a need for a league for the disabled about three years ago and filled that need with her own time and money. In three years, membership has grown to 45 members, and three adult and two junior coaches help every Saturday.

"We could use more volunteers," Putnam said. "And we have room for bowlers. We bowl every Saturday at 1 p.m., and our bowlers come from a large area, Bowie, Glen Burnie, south Anne Arundel County, all over."

Ranging in age from 8 to 42, the members do more than just bowl in a league. They take part in tournaments, and they party. They get together on Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter and have a May picnic and an August sleep-over.

"That's what it's all about," Putnam said. "Bowling and having fun."

And that's why the Can-Doers nominated Putman for former President Bush's "Thousand Points of Lights" program.

Short season at Riviera

Riviera Bowl has a short-season duckpin league that's just formed. It's a Friday night league bowling at 9:15 and will run until May 14. It's a mixed league with five bowlers per team.

For information, call Glenna Grimes, (410) 255-3550.

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