He ain't heavy . . .Had Eli Jacobs waited until the end of...


January 24, 1993

He ain't heavy . . .

Had Eli Jacobs waited until the end of the season, he would have found that there were no teams in either league that would have traded for a mediocre, slow and awkward player as Cal Ripken Jr.

By waiting, Jacobs would have gotten rid of all three Ripkens and saved himself a barrel of money. He also would have found that tradition doesn't win ballgames.

Bob Weis

White Marsh

He's my brother

I think the Orioles did the right thing. It was time to get rid of all that dead weight (Joe Orsulak, Bob Milacki, Sam Horn, Randy Milligan, Bill Ripken, Mike Flanagan, Rick Dempsey, Storm Davis and Cal Ripken Sr.) and give the young guys a chance (Chito Martinez, David Segui, Alan Mills, Luis Mercedes and Arthur Rhodes).

Getting rid of Bill Ripken was a move that should have been made years ago. I was tired of hearing of what a great defensive second baseman he was. He never won a Gold Glove. He could not hit for average or power, nor run well enough to steal bases.

Why was he on the team? (Answer: His name is Ripken.)

Charles Wudtee


O, let it rain

I am thoroughly disgusted with the Orioles' organization. I have been an avid fan since I can remember and have never seen the players treated the way they have been this past season.

They are also letting a lot of valuable players go. They give Cal Ripken Jr. that ridiculous salary and couldn't care less about the ones who really have contributed to the team. We will sadly miss Bill Ripken, Joe Orsulak and Randy Milligan. The organization says they can't afford to pay them what they are worth, but they sure could afford Cal Jr., who did little last season. If they can't afford to pay players a decent salary then they shouldn't be allowed to have a team.

I wish the players who are leaving well and hope they get what they deserve wherever they go.

I for one won't be keeping up with the Orioles or going to any games until the organization gets its act together.

I'm heartsick the organization would do this to Orioles fans. They're the ones who have supported the team rain or shine. I think you are going to see a lot more rain than

shine this season. I'm one fan who does not like rain.

Kim Parrish


O's lose in win-duo shopping

Well, the Orioles went shopping, and what did they get? Would you believe one set of bad knees and a Seattle leftover? What compensation for the loss of Bill Ripken and Joe Orsulak!

The "Harold Duo" doesn't cut it in my book. One bad slide, and Baines is out. Who knows what the story will be on Reynolds with his recent performance.

Come on Eli Jacobs, put some serious money on the table and get us some high-caliber players.

Don't cut guys like Bill and Joe, who are proven, hard-driven contributors for a hoped-for bargain. Rick Sutcliffe was a stroke of luck, but luck does run out!

JoAnn Thomas

Glen Burnie

An instant answer

The NFL should consider an alternative to saying yes or no to instant replay. Because the owners and commissioner can't make a decision regarding this issue, they should compromise. Each team should have one "instant replay timeout" per half. This way, instant replay would not slow down the pace of the game as much as it does with unlimited instant replays.

In addition it would encourage coaches to save their instant replay timeouts for a truly questionable call. Finally, the use of instant replay would ensure fair play.

Chris Tipton


Call Unseld for walking

I think it's about time the Bullets gave coach Wes Unseld his walking papers. I'm sick and tired of supporting a team that would probably have a hard time beating Dunbar High School.

Unseld has had many chances and failed. It's time for a new coach and new ideas.

John C. Zaruba


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