10 charged in drug raids in Annapolis Police confiscate crack cocaine

January 24, 1993|By Staff report

In an effort to shut down Annapolis crack houses, city police charged 10 alleged street-level dealers and users in a series of raids Friday night.

Shortly after 8 p.m., police raided what they called two known drug hangouts in low-income apartment complexes off Carver Street in the city's Oak Lawn section.

In one apartment, police reported finding drug paraphernalia and nine people smoking crack cocaine. Neighbors had complained about drug activity and loud fights in the apartment, police said.

Another man was arrested in an apartment across the street, where police said they seized 10 rocks of crack cocaine worth about $600.

In another raid at about 11 p.m., police arrested two people in a town house in Bywater Mutual Homes off Forest Drive.

These Annapolis residents were arrested and charged in the raids: Barbara Jane Dare, 34, of Hicks Avenue; Glenda P. Hortt, 38, of Carver Street; Kenneth H. McHenry, 36, of Chesapeake Avenue; Karl Turner, 33, of Bens Drive; Willie Floyd Brown, 33, of Marcs Court; Floyd Ardean Forrester, 37, of Bunche Street; William P. Johnson, 40, of Forest Drive; and Randall K. Dove, 33, of Allen Drive.

Also arrested were Debbie E. Bennett, 26, of Dorsey Drive, and Percy O. Harrod, 25, of Old Muddy Creek Road, both in Edgewater.

Curtis H. Thompson, 40, and Faye Burnette Brooks, 40, whose addresses were not known, were held for questioning.

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