50 Years Ago* Some 2,000 pigeons are being classified at...


January 24, 1993

50 Years Ago

* Some 2,000 pigeons are being classified at Fort Meade for combat duty. Most were classified 1-A, although a good proportion have been classified 1-B for non-combat duty as breeders. Those classified 4-F will accompany the others only as camp followers. -- The Sun, Jan. 6, 1943.

* A ban on pleasure driving by the Office of Price Administration has emptied the streets of Annapolis. There is to be no family or personal necessity driving where adequate alternative means are available. The state OPA announced that a wedding in

Maryland is a religious affair and that the pleasure ban does not apply. The honeymoon trip is interpreted as pleasure driving and therefore banned. -- The Sun, Jan. 10, 1943.

* President Stringfellow Barr announced that St. John's College will admit boys with two years of high school training beginning next July under a plan to permit them to finish their college education by the time they reach draft age. -- The Sun, Jan 25, 1943.

100 Years Ago

* Glen Burnie is growing in size monthly. Evidence is Warfield Chapel on its outskirts and P.E. Chapel in the heart of the town with both having large and growing congregations. -- The Sun, Jan. 6, 1893.

* The Annapolis city treasurer reports that the city finished the fiscal year with a balance of $330.61. In 1891, it had a balance of $824. -- The Sun, Jan. 11, 1893.

* All waterways in Anne Arundel County are covered with ice with five inches of snow on the level. There is intense suffering among oystermen. Tongers have been without work for three weeks. -- The Sun, Jan. 12, 1893.

* Everyone with a horse and sleigh was out in the snow with the jingle of sleigh bells everywhere. There is no law in Anne Arundel County requiring the use of sleigh bells on sleighs. Many cities require them under penalty of law. -- The Sun, Jan. 16, 1893.

* An Annapolis artist, Frank B. Mayer, has compiled a list of Maryland artists living and dead for The Baltimore Sun. One of the earliest listed is J. Heaselins, who married and settled in Annapolis in 1763. -- The Sun, Jan. 18, 1893.

* The severe winter weather has caused great damage to apples and potatoes stored in bins and cellars. Some farmer's losses are in hundreds of dollars. -- The Sun, Jan. 27, 1893.

* Southern Anne Arundel County has been severely inconvenienced by food shortages with no boats running because of the ice. -- The Sun, Jan. 31, 1893.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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