From The Sun Jan. 24-30, 1843Jan. 28: Fresh shad were for...


January 24, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 24-30, 1843

Jan. 28: Fresh shad were for sale in our market yesterday.

From The Sun Jan. 24-30, 1893

Jan. 25: From the stations of the Winter Relief Association one thousand gallons of soup were given out yesterday.

Jan. 28: The Third English Evangelical Lutheran Church, on Monument Street, near Gay, will tomorrow celebrate its fiftieth ..


From The Sun Jan. 24-30, 1943

Jan. 25: Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of War, in an address here last night, declared that there are "no sound reasons" for believing that the present war will be finished in 1943.

Jan. 28: Former soccer stars of the Dreadnaught and St. Casimir's teams in Baltimore are right at home on a championship soccer team made up of American soldiers stationed in England, according to word received from Lee McCardell, Sunpapers correspondent. The team is made up exclusively of Baltimoreans.

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