Around the house* Wipe out bathroom and kitchen sinks with...


January 23, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Wipe out bathroom and kitchen sinks with a premoistened (baby wipe) towelette to eliminate water spots.

* Clean rubber bath mat. Toss in washing machine with bath towels.

* Remove hard-water stains from porcelain sink, tub and commode with pumice stone. Rub gently.

* Clean windows, mirrors, tile walls and glass shower doors quickly with a professional-quality squeegee that is at least 12 inches wide.

* Disinfect rooms and remove mildew and stains with a solution of 50/50 household bleach and water. Rinse surface well after each washing and ventilate the room when using.

* Keep a small bag of cat litter near your front door to sprinkle on icy steps and paths that lead to your home.

In the garden

* Dye cut flowers. Purchase bunches of white carnations or Shasta daisies from florist or grocery store. Mix 1/2 cup water with a small bottle of food coloring. Cut stems at an angle and stand in coloring for several hours. Flowers will absorb color.

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