The Bushes, back in Texas, opting for the privacy thing

January 22, 1993|By Dallas Morning News

HOUSTON -- Memo to the news media: When George and Barbara Bush said they were looking forward to private life, they meant it -- with an emphasis on private.

So, if you see them walking the dogs, Millie and Ranger, take notes. There may not be much else done in public view. Yesterday, their first full day back in Houston, there wasn't.

Mr. Bush didn't even eat lunch at Otto's barbecue, to the disappointment of many who went to the place hoping to see him.

Not that the Bushes weren't busy, said Andrew Card, former secretary of transportation, now Bush transition director.

"We've been unpacking a lot of boxes here today," Mr. Card said outside the office building where Mr. Bush's has the top floor.

But neither Mr. Bush nor his wife had much to say to reporters.

It was this kind of day: Reporters pushed the record button when Bush yelled from a balcony at Ranger, who was being walked by an aide on the ground below.

Stopping to sign a baseball for an autograph seeker, Mr. Bush was asked how his first day back in Houston was going. "It's fine," he said, smiling but not elaborating.

A reporter noticed running shoes in a box Bush brought to the office after lunch and asked whether he planned to jog: "I might check it out," Mr. Bush said, still smiling but not elaborating.

Barbara Bush seemed to have a message for reporters when she walked Millie after lunch outside the house they are renting pending construction of their new house down the street. Asked how fast life would get back to normal, she smiled and said: "It will be." Then she added, "It's boring for you."

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