Clinton hits a home run with White House guest, 7

January 22, 1993|By Frank Langfitt | Frank Langfitt,Staff Writer

Seven-year-old Joseph Skrodzki is a huge sports fan -- his bedroom in Columbia a shrine to baseball and basketball.

Among his prized possessions are a poster of Michael Jordan, five NBA team pennants and five photo albums packed with baseball cards.

But none of these can touch his latest acquisition.

At the White House open house yesterday, Joseph and his parents persuaded President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore to sign a baseball on their first full day in office.

"I think it was really cool," said Joseph, a second-grader who has just begun collecting autographs. "I'm going to keep it for my whole life, and when I die I'm going to give it to my kids."

The baseball is encased in plastic now. Joseph said he may take it to class at Bollman Bridge Elementary School in Jessup.

Before leaving for basketball practice last night, Joseph put the baseball in a place of honor -- on his dresser next to his Hank Aaron and his autographed Billy Ripken baseball cards.

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