Ch. 54 to carry 3 Terps games in next few weeks

January 21, 1993|By Ray Frager | Ray Frager,Staff Writer

Maryland not only upset the nation's No. 12 team with its defeat of Oklahoma on Tuesday night, but the Terps also helped win themselves more exposure on Baltimore television.

Channel 54 is planning to telecast three prime-time Terps games in the next few weeks, WNUV general manager Joe Koff said yesterday. The station is close to a deal with Raycom, which syndicates Atlantic Coast Conference basketball games, to carry Maryland's Tuesday game against Clemson (9 p.m.), Feb. 4 against Virginia (8 p.m.) and Feb. 9 against North Carolina (9 p.m.), Koff said.

"I think, right now, the team is hot," Koff said. "It's two weeks of pretty intensive basketball."

Channels 2 and 45 carry some ACC games, but both have network affiliations -- NBC and Fox, respectively -- and don't like to pre-empt network prime-time programming. Channel 54, an independent station whose evening lineup usually consists of movies, doesn't have that problem.

Koff said he'd been working on picking up some Maryland games, and Tuesday's Terps victory made the telecasts even more attractive.

"There was a lot of conversation, and I found that a lot of people were interested," Koff said.

Channel 54 carried college basketball last season, and these three Maryland games could signal a move toward additional sports programming, Koff said.

"[There could be more] if we see there's a real groundswell," he said.

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