Loading Dock seeks house materials

January 21, 1993

The Loading Dock, Maryland's central clearinghouse for surplus building materials, will accept recyclable building supplies from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday at the Northern Landfill, off Route 140 in Westminster.

The organization collects recyclable building materials and makes them available at low prices to nonprofit organizations and low-income families.

As a result, usable items do not take up space in landfills, contractors and builders receive tax deductions for their donations, and the building and renovation of affordable housing is encouraged.

The Carroll County Recycling Office encourages contractors, builders and residents to contribute to the success of the program by donating materials.

Acceptable items include adhesives, banisters, bathtubs, bi-fold doors, carpet, caulk, cinder blocks, counter tops, door sweeps, drywall, electric lights, floor coverings, gas stoves, hardware and kitchen cabinets.

Also, lumber, patio doors, plumbing fixtures, refrigerators, roof shingles, shelving, stairs, storm windows, toilets, vinyl flooring, vinyl siding, wallpaper, water heater wrappers and windows.

Information: Carroll County Recycling Office, 857-2633.

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