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January 21, 1993|By SALLY BUCKLER

January looms. The holidays are over, and sometimes that means a case of the January blues. How do you get rid of the gloom? A favorite way to lighten the load in our house is music. We turn on the stereo and get lost in sensational sounds. One minute of good music can turn our spirits from melancholy to happy.

That's a reason we're all going to the Count Basie Orchestra concert at Glenelg High School Feb. 2. As good as recorded music sounds, nothing beats the real thing. This is an opportunity to get lost in the music and forget the blues.

Call 313-5533 for a recorded message about tickets for the 8 p.m. concert.


Amy Pelsinsky of Glenwood says it hasn't sunk in yet that she will spend her next semester in France. The Glenelg High School graduate is leaving Jan. 31 to study French civilization at the Sorbonne.

Amy, a junior at Western Maryland College, has a double major in French and English. As a junior in high school, Amy went on a theater trip to London and Paris, and she's wanted to go back to Paris ever since.

Amy's classes will be in French, a language she's studied since seventh grade. She's looking forward to her classes, to learning about the culture and history of France, and to a bit of shopping.


Have you heard about the boundary lines proposed for Mount View Middle School in Marriottsville? Students who live East of Underwood Road, Pfefferkorn Road, and Route 32 will attend the beautiful new school.

Students who currently are in the Bushy Park and Lisbon Elementary School areas will attend Glenwood Middle School. A public hearing on the proposed boundary adjustments will be held at the Department of Education 7:30 p.m. March 9.


Ross Benson, Ben Bricker, and Peter Baron, eighth-graders at Clarksville Middle School, had an idea. They wanted to collect food at their school for the homeless, and they did.

Through the Town Council, the school's student government, they filled an oversized van with the food they collected. The Town Council sponsored a social and dance. To get tickets to each half-hour segment of the dance, students brought in food.

Youngsters in grades six through eight are known to have big appetites, so for extra cans of food, they got extra tickets to use for snacks at the social. Ross, Ben, and Peter gathered the food from home rooms, took it to eighth-grade teacher Mary $l McClurg's classroom, and packed it in boxes.

For this community service, the students at Clarksville Middle School received the Statewide Community Service Day Award from Governor Schaefer and the State of Maryland.


Tomorrow is the next "Coffee With the Counselor" meeting at Bushy Park Elementary. The 2 p.m. meeting with counselor Charlotte Lollis and school psychologist Arlene Gamble is a chance to discuss issues relating to parenting.

Information: 313-5500.


Most parents appreciate all the help they can get in raising their children. The Clarksville Elementary School PTA is coming to the rescue for Clarksville families with a Parenting Fair Tuesday.

The fair, which involves parents and kids, begins at 6:30 p.m. with refreshments, registration, and browsing at information tables. At 7 p.m., adults will listen to Dr. Jacqueline Brown, coordinator of human relations for the Howard County Department of Education. She'll discuss communicating with your child.

School-age children will attend a program called "The Magic of Tom Crowl," which focuses on self-esteem. There will be two sessions of separate workshops for children and adults led by respected school and local mental health professionals.

Adults will choose from Teaching Responsibility and Decision Making; Self-esteem; Discipline: Working together to Make Families Work; Helping Your Children Deal With Bereavement; Stress Signals and Strategies; College Education Funding in the Nineties; and Communicating With Your Children About Sexuality.

For the children, workshops are Making and Keeping Friends; a physical education activity called Team Building Through Challenge; Stress Busters; Dealing With Your Brothers and Sisters; and You're the Boss: Personal Body Safety.

Participants can also view a video tape on HIV and AIDS from the Pediatric AIDS Foundation called "A Challenge to us All -- Educating Our Children." The children's sessions are full, but there is limited space for adults.

Call Sharon Cantor, (301) 854-2913, or Ellen Sosinski, 531-5617.


Look for the sub sale coming soon from the Band and Marching Unit at Glenelg High School. The students will be taking orders for the sandwiches from the first part of February until the middle of the month. They'll deliver fresh sub sandwiches Feb. 28. This is a event these youngsters use to raise money for their spring trip to a music festival.

Information: 531-6494.

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