MSA swimming top performances

January 20, 1993

These are the top swimming performances for the Maryland Scholastic Association, according to information provided by coaches:

200-yard freestyle: Kevin Gass, Calvert Hall, 1:45.63; Brian Brandt, Calvert Hall, 1:47.25; Chris Kaplan, Loyola, 1:48.39; Troy Pusateri, Loyola, 1:49.39; Ryan Horner, Calvert Hall, 1:50.52; Pat McGonigal, Mount St. Joseph, 1:51.00; Matt Conrad, Calvert Hall, 1:54.63; Jason Knauff, Loyola, 1:56.22; Jeremy Sansbury, Mount St. Joseph, 1:57.10; Joan Chidester, Severn, 1:59.10; Tim Freeman, Severn, 2:05.38.

200-yard individual medley: Brad Francis, Calvert Hall, 1:54.14; Justin Werner, Calvert Hall, 1:59.26; Adam Blake, Calvert Hall, 1:59.80; Troy Pusateri, Loyola, 2:03.99; Paul Yetter, Loyola, 2:04.11; Chris Kaplan, Loyola, 2:04.12; Ryan Horner, Calvert Hall, 2:05.61; Brett Rubin, McDonogh, 2:07.27; Stephen Dowler, Mount St. Joseph, 2:07.84; Ricky Webb, Mount St. Joseph, 2:10.94; Joan Chidester, Severn, 2:15.40; Tim Libby, Severn, 2:24.98.

50-yard freestyle: Brad Francis, Calvert Hall, 21.56; Brian Brandt, Calvert Hall, 21.64; Matt Conrad, Calvert Hall, 23.00; Paul Yetter, Loyola, 23.67; Joe Carver, Loyola, 23.67; P. J. Frappaolo, Mount St. Joseph, 23.98; Tim Beatty, Calvert Hall, 24.04; Troy Pusateri, Loyola, 24.19; Jeff Moore, Mount St. Joseph, 24.29; Tim Libby, Severn, 24.41; Jason Duffy, Archbishop Spalding, 24.50; Stephen Dowler, Mount St. Joseph, 24.51; Eugene Youn, Severn, 24.53.

Diving: John Soulakis, Loyola, 267.90; Austin Koth, Calvert Hall, 178.85; John Repetti, Calvert Hall, 176.65; Thomas Pierre-Phillippe, Loyola, 155.00.

100-yard butterfly: Brad Francis, Calvert Hall, 50.79; Brian Brandt, Calvert Hall, 52.49; Lou Otremba, Calvert Hall, 55.52; Tim Beatty, Calvert Hall, 56.28; Kevin Norris, Loyola, 58.46; P. J. Frappaolo, Mount St. Joseph, 59.83; Jeff Moore, Mount St. Joseph, 1:00.04; Joe Carver, Loyola, 1:00.53; Sean Mitchell, Mount St. Joseph, 1:01.41; Joan Chidester, Severn, 1:02.83; Ben Sobotka, Loyola, 1:03.68; Robin Quinton, Severn, 1:10.51.

100-yard freestyle: Brad Francis, Calvert Hall, 46.00; Brian Brandt, Calvert Hall, 47.23; Kevin Gass, Calvert Hall, 49.34; Adam Blake, Calvert Hall, 50.21; Pat McGonigal, Mount St. Joseph, 51.01; Troy Pusateri, Loyola, 51.25; Sean Mitchell, Mount St. Joseph, 52.14; Paul Yetter, Loyola, 52.19; Matt Shigley, Loyola, 52.88; Tim Libby, Severn, 53.69; Joan Chidester, Severn, 54.55.

500-yard freestyle: Paul Yetter, Loyola, 4:38.54; Troy Pusateri, Loyola, 4:45.85; Chris Kaplan, Loyola, 4:47.71; Kevin Gass, Calvert Hall, 4:56.89; Pat McGonigal, Mount St. Joseph, 4:57.04; Justin Werner, Calvert Hall, 4:57.12; Brian Brandt, Calvert Hall, 5:01.50; Brad Francis, Calvert Hall, 5:02.22; Ricky Webb, Mount St. Joseph, 5:04.30; Joan Chidester, Severn, 5:19.08; Chris Hanley, Severn, 5:44.67.

100-yard backstroke: Brad Francis, Calvert Hall, 51.91; Adam Blake, Calvert Hall, 53.78; Matt Fouse, Calvert Hall, 56.83; Chris Kaplan, Loyola, 57.54; Ryan Horner, Calvert Hall, 58.18; Jason Knauff, Loyola, 1:01.20; Joe Carver, Loyola, 1:01.24; Jeff Moore, Mount St. Joseph, 1:02.92; Tim Libby, Severn, 1:03.02; Tony Gover, Mount St. Joseph, 1:05.34; Pete Borchardt, Severn, 1:15.28.

100-yard breaststroke: Justin Werner, Calvert Hall, 1:01.23; Paul Yetter, Loyola, 1:01.54; Andy Dixon, Calvert Hall, 1:02.49; Stephen Dowler, Mount St. Joseph, 1:04.75; Adam Blake, Calvert Hall, 1:05.25; Greg Hillis, Calvert Hall, 1:06.14; Brett Rubin, McDonogh, 1:06.17; Matt Shigley, Loyola, 1:07.10; Peter Tignor, Mount St. Joseph, 1:09.36; John Lang, Loyola, 1:10.82; Eugene Youn, Severn, 1:12.32; Sarah Winn, Severn, 1:21.17.

Note: Swimming top performances will appear every Wednesday during the winter season. Top performances can be phoned in weekday afternoons after meets are completed, Sundays between 3 and 6 p.m. at (410) 332-6200 (long distance: 1-800-829-8000, ext. 6200) or faxed any time to (410) 783-2518.

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