Cartnail seeks release

January 20, 1993

Gordon L. Cartnail told Carroll Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold yesterday that, all things considered, he'd really rather be out of jail.

"I'll tell you, jail is not a place for a 20-year-old to be," Cartnail said yesterday in his sentence-modification hearing. "I'm sorry for all I've done. I promise I'll stay out of trouble."

Assistant State's Attorney Eileen McInerney called Cartnail's eight-year prison term appropriate.

Judge Arnold said he would rule on Cartnail's request later. "You were distributing crack cocaine, Mr. Cartnail," the judge said. "We don't know how many people out there are on their way to die because of it."

Cartnail was sentenced Oct. 7 to five years for manufacturing cocaine, three years for a handgun offense and 15 years for possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Judge Arnold suspended all but eight years of the sentences, which were worked out last June in exchange for his guilty pleas.

Cartnail faced more than a dozen criminal charges -- including attempted murder in a December, 1991 drive-by shooting -- in the three cases against him.

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