Hampstead approves update of zoning, answers criticism

January 20, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen | Fred Rasmussen,Contributing Writer

The Hampstead Town Council last night unanimously approved revamping the town's zoning ordinances, which have not undergone a major update since 1972.

Town Manager John A. Riley responded to criticism that the town was changing the ordinance to accommodate the developers of the Oakmont Green Retail Center.

"The town is not changing the ordinance for Oakmont, we're changing it because Oakmont brought to light a lot of inconsistencies in the zoning ordinance," he said.

The former zoning ordinance was a copy of the county zoning ordinance.

Overhauling it and getting rid of redundant language were goals of the new ordinance, said Mr. Riley.

"Things have changed since it was written," he said.

Councilwoman Jacqueline Hyatt said, "Anticipated reaction to the new ordinance failed to materialize."

In other matters at the monthly council meeting, Dwight and Laura Womer, whose son Bryan attends Spring Garden Elementary School on Boxwood Drive, asked the council to add a guarded crosswalk at Sycamore and Boxwood drives to make the intersection safer.

There is a crosswalk with a crossing guard on Sycamore Drive, but the parents asked for a crosswalk, which could be patrolled by the same guard, across Boxwood.

"The safety of our children is a great concern to us all, and it is the responsibility of the town to see that our children get to school safely," said the boy's father.

And a neighborhood leader pointed out that with the extension of Boxwood Drive to Trenton Mill Road and 243 new homes scheduled to be built in the area, traffic can be expected to increase on the existing streets.

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