Revised rubble landfill bill introduced

January 20, 1993|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Staff Writer

Councilwoman Virginia P. Clagett last night introduced a new rubble landfill bill that incorporates changes suggested by community members, including lowering a landfill's height and shortening its hours of operation.

The bill replaces a measure introduced in the County Council last month by Mrs. Clagett. Both bills incorporate suggestions from a citizens task force that studied the issue for three years.

Mrs. Clagett, D-West River, said the bill recognizes the need for landfills that take in rubble generated by construction and seeks to impose environmental and operating controls that minimize annoyance to nearby residents.

"What we tried to do is make our restrictions tight and make [the landfills] safe for people in the area," she said after the council meeting.

The new bill includes the following changes:

* The hours of operation, which had been set at 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., were changed to 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

* The height of any landfill was lowered from 50 feet to 30 feet.

* The operator of a rubble landfill must maintain records that specify the type and amount of material that is deposited and where it came from. This is to avoid the dumping of hazardous material.

A public hearing and council vote is expected at the next meeting in two weeks.

In other business, the council approved an additional appropriation of $240,000 -- received from an asbestos manufacturer in a lawsuit settlement -- to be used for further asbestos removal in county schools. This will allow several asbestos removal projects to start immediately after classes end in June, officials said. The council also approved a resolution dedicating a field in the Gambrills-Odenton area to Ernest Gordon "Babe" Phelps, a major- league catcher from 1930 to 1942.

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