Beans to bread -- recipes in the mail

January 20, 1993|By Knight-Ridder News Service

It's fun and economical to get recipes in the mail. Listed below are offers for recipe booklets for $1 or less from various companies. When you write, remember to send your name and address. If you need to send 50 cents or $1, send a check or money order for the amount, not cash. Replies can take four to six weeks, so be patient.

* Beans: The Michigan Bean Commission has a new recipe book of favorite bean recipes. Mail $1 to Favorites, PO Box 473, Leslie, Mich. 49251.

* Sour cream: Land O' Lakes a consumer booklet recipes using light sour cream. For a copy of "The Secret Ingredient," call (800) 782-9602, or send your name and address on a postcard to "The Secret Ingredient: Land O' Lakes Light Sour Cream," Land O' Lakes Inc., Box 26 3 41, Shoreview, Minn. 55126.

* Kahlua: Kahlua liqueur offers recipes from its test kitchens. Send your name and address to New Kahlua Recipe Book, Dept. NRB, Box 2426, Farmington Hills, Mich. 48333.

* Rum: For recipes that use Bacardi rum, send your name and address to Bacardi Recipe Book, c/o Gail Matthews Bacardi Imports Inc., 2100 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Fla. 33137.

* Beef: The Meat Board has a free pamphlet, "Delicious Beef Recipes for Easy Entertaining." Send a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope to Meat Board Test Kitchens, Dept. DBRE, 444 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 60611.

* Pears: The Oregon-Washington-California Pear Bureau offers a free pamphlet featuring pear microwave recipes. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Oregon-Washington-California Pear Bureau, Dept. PR, 813 S.W. Alder, Suite 601, Portland, Ore. 97205.

* Cheesecake: Recipe booklet from Kraft has the recipe for Philly 3-Step Cheesecake and its variations. Send 50 cents to Philly 3-Step Cheesecake Recipe Booklet, PO Box B, Madison Square Station, New York 10159.

* Sargento offers a cheesecake booklet featuring ricotta cheese. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Sargento More Cheesecake Recipes, PO Box 547, Dept. NEH, Thiensville, Wis. 53092.

* Uncle Ben's offers 14 rice recipes. Send your name and address to Uncle Ben's Country Inn Recipes Rice Dishes Recipe Folder, PO Box 11166, Chicago 60611.

* Peanuts: The Peanut Advisory Board offers low-fat, low-cholesterol peanut recipes. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Peanuts and Peanut Butter/Low Cal Style, Dept. NPR, PO Box 7528, Tifton, Ga. 31793.

* Cereal: The Ralston Purina Co. offers a booklet for kids with 12 easy Chex cereal recipes. Send your name and address to "I Can Make It with Chex" Recipe Booklet, PO Box 15481, Mascoutah, Ill. 62224.

* Quaker Oats offers a 12-page booklet on diet and exercise after 40. No recipes. Send a check or money order for $1 to Quaker Oats Plus Fiber Booklet Offer, PO Box 1094, Dept. N, Maple Plain, Minn. 55592.

* Duck: A free 18-page booklet from Maple Leaf Farms has six recipe cards and cooking tips, plus a $1-off coupon for a duckling. Write "Free Consumer Brochure," Maple Leaf Farms, PO Box 308, Milford, Ind. 46542.

* Jam: J. M. Smucker Co. offers three recipe booklets for Smucker jellies and jams. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope and ask for "Strawberry Best," "Spread the Good Word" and "Great American Variety Show": J. M. Smucker Co., Strawberry Lane, Orrville, Ohio, 44667.

* Condensed milk: Borden offers a recipe book featuring desserts. Send your name and address to Eagle Brand All Time Favorite Desserts, PO Box 8026, Clinton, Iowa, 52736.

* Sandwiches: Ziploc offers a booklet of sandwich recipes. Send your name and address to Bread Winners II, Ziploc Sandwich Bags, Department 3800-PK, Box 78980, New Augusta, Ind. 46278.

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