Marathoner crowds his calendar Jordan, 40, tries for 12 each year


January 19, 1993|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,Staff Writer

Marathoners, take note.

If Dale Jordan's regimen of the last five years is any indication, it's possible to dip into double-digit annual marathon runs and remain healthy.

In that span, Jordan has completed 72 marathons and five ultra-marathons.

But Jordan is the first to caution: Do your training, and don't cross your maximum.

"What I usually do is I have about 10 [marathons] I do every year, and then a few I pick up or lose," says Jordan, a Baltimorean who ran in Sunday's Bermuda International Marathon. "When I come back from Bermuda, I'll do the Washington's Birthday Marathon and Last Train [to Boston Marathon] and then Virginia Beach. I'll probably go to Boston this year and then do Pittsburgh in May."

Last year, Jordan completed eight marathons and one ultra-marathon in a three-month stretch, including six during a seven-week period from Oct. 18 to Nov. 28. His marathon finishes were within five minutes of each other.

"I've been averaging about 12 for [each of] the last five years, so it really wasn't that different from what I had been doing," Jordan says. "I run each one the best I can. I think I can do that many and stay healthy."

He says good weather and a training program allowed him to maintain his marathon pace last year.

"I had a real good summer; it was mild," Jordan says. "I did a lot of consecutive 33-milers. That really helped me this fall."

Throw in some speed workouts and, Jordan says, he was ready for the races.

"I did a lot of training," he says. "With [fellow Baltimore Road Runners Club members] Edie Tress and Charlie Reynolds, we do track work every Tuesday. That's where my consistency comes from. In the summer, we're at Loch Raven [High School]. When the darkness sets in, we go to [Lake Montebello]."

Track work and speed aside, he says, marathons are where he really can make his mark.

"I'm not really fast enough to compete in my age group," Jordan, 40, says. "I'm just sort of hacking along. That's why I like to do marathons because you really have to train to do them and I'm more competitive at them than at the shorter distances."


Joanne Shecter, 57, of Pikesville was third in the 55-59 age class in Sunday's Metro Dade Half-Marathon inn Miami. She finished in 2:07:37. . . . Greg Watson and Nancy Gugerty won their divisions of the Baltimore Road Runners Club's Championship 10-Miler on Sunday at the Loch Raven Reservoir watershed. There were 103 finishers. . . . Chet Coates, 52, of Silver Spring ran a 43:36 in the Charlotte Observer 10K. . . . Sunday's top runners:

BRRC Championship Series 10-Miler At Loch Raven Males: 1. Greg Watson, 54:21; 2. Mark Rosasco, 56:19; 3. Scott Paris, 56:19; 4. Doug Moyer, 56:52; 5. John Roemer IV, 57:36; 6. John Floyd, 57:36; 7. Neville Anderson, 58:49; 8. Todd Henry, 59:07; 9. Ty Lanahan, 59:24; 10. Charles Shifflett, 59:49. Masters: 1. Lonnie Richmond, 62:35.

Females: 1. Nancy Gugerty, 64:10; 2. Marge Rosasco, 66:20; 3. Joy Glass, 66:24; 4. Patrice Malloy, 66:48; 5. Pat Milleson, 69:10; 6. Holly Fryberger, 72:13; 7. Carole Rosasco, 73:34; 8. Debbie Chaney, 76:04; 9. Tracy Benny, 77:54; 10. Jane Tumpson, 79:30. Masters: 1. Rosasco.

RASAC Hickory 7-Miler At Hickory Males: 1. Jeff Hinte, 40:39; 2. Dave Warnick, 46:35; 3. Fred Carlson, 46:36; 4. Dan Anderson, 46:58; 5. Tim Spurrier, 47:15; 6. Scott McGill, 47:27; 7. Nathan Boyer, 48:14; 8. Brian Carlson, 48:22; 9. John Way, 48:29; 10. Bernie Gemmill, 49:15.

Females: 1. Margar Achtellik, 48:29; 2. Kim Fleming, 54:45; 3. Kathie Harrington, 56:39; 4. Marjy Rawle, 59:58; 5. Anne Breadlow, 1:04:23.

WRRC Mighty Medford Freeway 5K At Westminster Males: 1. Greg Potter, 23, 17:24; 2. Bob Hugg, 40, 17:29; 3. Roger Kilgore, 49, 19:08; 4. Skip Fennell, 48, 20:49; 5. Doug Matzke, 33, 21:22. Masters: 1. Hugg.

Females: 1. Jenny Caple, 27, 20:24; 2. Val Aberbach, 36, 21:41; 3. Carolyn Stoll, 32, 22:10; 4. Shannon Hugg, 16, 23:35; 5. Cristine Meadows, 22, 23:48. Masters: 1. Jeanette Novak, 48, 28:56.

Great Valley Marathon At Chambersburg, Pa. Males: 1. S. Mark Courtney, 37, Grove City, Pa., 2:39:26.

Females: 1. Laura Nelson, 27, Hagerstown, 3:04:46 (CR).

Area finishers: Tom Prendki, Annapolis, 3:10:56; Eric Kocay, Columbia, 3:19:14; Ed Trottier, Columbia, 3:22:54; Rose Malloy, Annapolis, 3:22:56; Bill Elzinga, Columbia, 3:28:14; Eric Fromm, Annapolis, 3:30:35; Mel Quecan, Columbia, 4:11:55; Roy Elder, Baltimore, 4:12:18.

Coming events

Saturday, York Road Runners Jacobus 5-Miler, Jacobus, Pa., 10 a.m., (717) 235-8338.

Saturday, Great Snowflake 5M, 10M Chaser, Big Run State Park, 10 a.m.Sunday, DCRRC Indoor Track Meet, Arlington, Va., 8:30 a.m., (703) 241-0395.

Sunday, MCRRC Frosty Four, Robert Frost Junior H.S., 8:45 a.m., (301) 353-0200.

Sunday, Greater Homewood 8K, Memorial Stadium, 9 a.m., (410) 889-7927. 6Sunday, WRRC Bear Run 4-Miler, Pleasant Valley, noon.

Sunday, HCS Winter Series, Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center, 2 p.m.

Jan. 30, BRRC Ashland Trail Run, 4M, 12M, Ashland, 9 a.m., (410) 666-1840.

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