Mount Airy master plan discussed

January 19, 1993|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,Staff Writer

Neighborhood center zoning dominated the discussion at las night's Mount Airy master plan work session, the first joint meeting of the Town Council and Planning Commission on the FTC proposed document.

The proposed zoning, to be limited to about four 20-acre sites specified in the master plan, would allow a mixture of housing types to provide transitions between various zoning areas.

The proposed zoning also would allow people to work in large, single-family homes.

Councilman Marc Nance drew applause from the eight-member audience when he said the issue for homeowners is that they don't want a row of townhouses built behind their single-family dwellings.

"I think there's an education process necessary," he said.

He said he agrees with the transitional housing idea, "but I'm not sure it will work the way you want it to. Developers don't think that way. They build as many homes as they can."

Town planner Teresa Bamberger and Planning Commission members defended their proposal. They said the neighborhood centers would be in comparatively small areas, and the master plan and zoning can be written to require similar types of housing to be grouped together.

Ms. Bamberger and the commission members also said they are trying to eliminate the buffers and berms that separate neighborhoods.

The commission has been working on the 120-page document for three years.

The plan, which is expected to guide Mount Airy's development for the next 10 years, will go back to the Planning Commission for revision before public hearings.

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