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January 19, 1993|By MAUREEN RICE

I just read that January is sweepstakes month and that yo have to be demographically dead not to have received at least one mailing giving you finalist numbers to win $10,000,000.00.

Gee, and I thought I had done something right for a change.

We almost always send back our numbers. After all, if someone wants to give me money, I won't stop them. Besides, hunting out all the stickers and picking the cars without reading the letter is such a fun game for kids, and they do all the work for us.

We all play "millionaire-for-a-minute" with enthusiasm, although some of the things the children want to do with all that money may not be possible -- like the trip to the moon my son wants to take, and the 101 Dalmations my daughter wants to keep. But who knows? I'll let you know soon after Jan. 29 when my winning number is finally picked.


What are you doing on Friday? Mayor Lloyd R. Helt Jr. of Sykesville and Oriole pitching coach Dick Bosman will be reading to children in Eldersburg Elementary's Readathon. So will many others in the community, and you can, too, if you call the school quickly enough.

"We stress the importance of reading in our daily lives and our jobs," said Mary Katsafanas, Readathon coordinator.

The Readathon helps to promote Maryland Reading Month. An annual event, it is designed to help the students understand that reading is an valuable life skill.

Ms. Katsafanas said about 60 people have volunteered for the Readathon so far, but a dozen or so more would be even better.

Information: 795-1700.


"I have never seen anyone come away from one of these outreach programs with a negative attitude," said Carol Deal, chairman for social ministry at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church. "I always enjoy hearing peoples' comments afterward. They are always overwhelmed; it is just a great experience."

Saturday's visit to the "soup kitchen" at the Church of the Brethren in Westminster provided no exception to her expectations. Members of Holy Spirit Lutheran and several nonmember friends provided a filling meal of soup, sandwiches, desert gelatin and pies to the needy in the church at Green and Barnes streets.

Ms. Deal enjoys spreading the word about helping others.

"So many people want to help, but don't know how -- or are a little afraid -- but they join us, and find out how easy and rewarding it is to do."

Ms. Deal said members of other congregations have joined the )) Holy Spirit team to learn and bring the ministry to their own churches. You don't have to be a member to join the outreach ministry at Holy Spirit Lutheran.

Information: 795-6333 or 848-9399.


Looking to lighten up your life with a little humor, and maybe to feel better about yourself? Sandy Queen, a stand-up humorist and founder and director of Lifeworks Inc., will be in Eldersburg tomorrow.

Ms. Queen describes herself as mother, grandmother, humorist, writer and trainer, but most of all, as a person dedicated to helping people develop a sense of their own uniqueness.

She will speak to the "Just Say No" clubs of Carrolltowne, Eldersburg, Piney Ridge and Freedom elementary schools during the day, and to faculty, parents and others at 7 p.m. at Piney Ridge Elementary.

"The talk will be aimed toward raising self-esteem," said Caren Allen, guidance counselor at Piney Ridge. She is an absolute riot. . . . You would never know that there's a message in her talk."

Information: 795-8876.

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