Son of Michael and Anita Haines of...


January 18, 1993

BRETT M. HAINES, 10, son of Michael and Anita Haines of Blacks Schoolhouse Road.

School: Fifth-grader at Charles Carroll Elementary School.

Honored for: Winning the school's geography bee last week.

Principal's comments: "He's extremely well-read," said Principal Robert Bruce. "He's sort of a history buff. Obviously, geography is one of his areas of expertise as well."

Goals: Immediate goal, "I really want to be in the geography bee when I go to middle school, to compare it to elementary school."

Long-term goal, "I kind of wanted to be president for a while, but I'm not sure if I'm going to make it. You have to be big and strong and stuff and really good at politics."

Comments: "I am a little better at the U.S. [geography questions], but the world is fun, too. I'm not the biggest fan in the world of geography, it's just fun to do.

"I am a history addict, I guess you'd say. It's fun to look back on our country and see what happened in the early years. I'm really fascinated with George Washington. He's like my idol. He led an army to make all the English soldiers surrender. Then he was a good leader in the early years of the United States."

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