Name: Jeffrey Herman, 17, of Annapolis.School: Annapolis...


January 18, 1993

Name: Jeffrey Herman, 17, of Annapolis.

School: Annapolis High School.

Accomplishments: Jeffrey, a senior who maintains an "A" average, has received widespread recognition for his academic accomplishments.

He is on the principal's honor roll, he's a National Merit semifinalist, a Maryland Distinguished Scholar Finalist, an AP (Advance Placement) Scholar and last year was voted Team Scholar Athlete.

He is currently the vice president of his school's National Honor Society and a member of the Student Government Association and the Yearbook Committee.

Jeffrey has been active in the school's wrestling program since his freshman year and currently is a varsity member of the wrestling team.

This year and last, Jeffrey has been involved in tutoring activities. Although temporarily on hold because of his busy wrestling schedule, Jeffrey plans to resume his work with students at the Tyler Heights Elementary School in Annapolis, where he helps students with their schoolwork for a couple of hours twice a week. Jeffrey says he finds this work particularly satisfying and enjoys making up games that help the elementary students learn.

He is also involved with a peer tutoring program at his own school.

In addition, he hopes to return to Germantown Elementary School, where last year he was part of the Language Experience Language Teaching program, in which he taught basic Spanish.

Outside of school, Jeffrey has a job at an Annapolis restaurant, enjoys playing recreational football and working out at a local health and fitness center.

Although his plans include attending college, Jeffrey is uncertain what his major might be because he has a variety of academic interests in math, law, business and Spanish.

Comments: "Through my community-service teaching experiences, I have encountered many people who are not as fortunate as I am. This has made me realize how much I have going for me, and has also influenced me to pursue a career that involves helping, or at least working with others."

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