January 18, 1993

Cal Ripken Jr. candy selling like hot cakes

Cal Ripken Jr. has hit one out of the park with sales of the $1 candy bar that carries his name.

"We had expected 300 cases to go out, and we ended up doing 473," said Jane Riedy, PTA president at Jacobsville Elementary School, which on Friday became the first school in the state to sell the sweet treat with the Oriole shortstop on the wrapper.

Another 150 cases -- 36 bars to the case -- will arrive tomorrow. On Friday, a Towson man bought a case, someone from Pennsylvania ordered 10 bars and a Rockville woman promised to come tomorrow for 10 cases, Mrs. Riedy said.

She said parents of the school's 622 children have asked for 20 and 30 cases. She hopes the PTA, which gets 45 cents from each bar sold, will make $20,000 for cultural arts programs and school supplies. Mrs. Riedy's family took 45 cases to sell Saturday at a baseball card show in Pikesville. Morley Candy Makers East in Millersville, manufacturer of the 303-calorie confection, put the bars in its only store Tuesday, and sales have been "fantastic, in one big word," said Ron Kenjorski Sr., director of fund raising. "If we had not put it out for sale, we would have had our windows broken."

The bars are to be marketed for several months for fund raising by schools and other groups.

But the Mount Clemens, Mich.-based company plans to take the candy to Baltimore-area stores this spring.

Mr. Ripken's royalties from sales go to his charitable foundation.

Music House robbed; 21-year-old charged

County police charged a 21-year-old man with breaking into a music store on Ritchie Highway early Friday morning.

According to the police report, officers were called to the Music House in the 8100 block of Ritchie Highway at 2:20 a.m. because the alarm was sounding.

When they arrived, officers saw a man inside the store and a smashed window at the Quality Home Traders store next door. When the suspect saw the officers, he jumped through a smashed window in the music store and ran.

The officers chased him to a nearby storage shed where they found him and several pieces of stolen musical equipment.

Richard Donald Udes, of no fixed address, was charged with three counts of felony breaking and entering and two counts of destruction of property.

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