Glen Burnie girl was stabbed, authorities say Body identified as 14-year-old reported missing

January 18, 1993|By Kris Antonelli and Deidre Nerreau McCabe | Kris Antonelli and Deidre Nerreau McCabe,Staff Writers Staff writer Glenn Small contributed to this article.

A girl whose nude body was found in a ravine near Anne Arundel County's Old Mill Senior High School was identified yesterday as Lisa Haenel, a 14-year-old ninth-grader who police said had been stabbed to death.

Police said they have questioned several people in the slaying of Lisa, who lived in Glen Burnie, but had not charged or arrested anyone.

Lisa's body was discovered about 9 a.m. Saturday by her mother's boyfriend, Phillip Enke, 28, who was jogging nearby.

Police said Lisa, of the 300 block of Highland Drive, was last reported seen by her mother, Margaret Haenel, about 6 a.m. Friday. She reported the girl missing at 7 that night, saying her daughter had not gone to school.

The time of death, according to police, was estimated at between 6:45 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. Friday.

The ravine where the girl's body was found is about 150 feet from a path students from the Glen Burnie neighborhood frequently use as a shortcut to nearby Old Mill High and two middle schools.

Although the body was nude, investigators said they had not determined if the girl had been sexually assaulted.

"There's not an apparent sexual assault right now," said Lt. Rick Roth, a police spokesman. "But we're doing some microscopic analysis to confirm that."

Her clothing was found near the body, leading police to believe that she was killed in the ravine near the intersection of Shetlands Lane and Century Towne Road.

Capt. Michael Fitzgibbons, head of the county police Criminal Investigation Division, said she had been stabbed on the front of her body but would not say how many times.

Neighbors in the Southgate apartment complex, where Lisa lived with her mother, said they were shocked by the news. They described the area, located behind North Arundel Hospital, as a nice neighborhood, although it recently had become the target of numerous car break-ins.

"I was just numbed when I found out. God, you can't even let your kids go to school anymore," said Susan Revans, who lives two doors from the Haenels and frequently hired Lisa as a baby sitter for her four children.

She learned of the slaying when she went next door on Saturday to see if Lisa could baby sit later that night.

"Her mom said, 'Lisa's not here; she's been killed,' " said Ms. Revans. "I imagined she'd been hit by a car. It wasn't until my husband called me later at work that we knew she'd been murdered."

Ms. Revans said Lisa was likable, intelligent and reliable. She knew of no problems the teen-ager had at home or at school. Lisa liked school and went to the mall with her girlfriends, Ms. Revans said.

"She was just brilliant with the kids. She really got on so well with the children," said Ms. Revans. "She was a very dependable girl. I'd ask her five minutes in advance if she could baby sit, and she'd come over. She had a lovely personality. There were no problems that I knew about."

Jay Scribner, Lisa's uncle, said she was a well-liked honor student who was involved in several extracurricular activities at Old Mill, including the band and a local chapter of Students Against Drunk Driving. She played several instruments, he said.

Her father is out of the country, Mr. Scribner said.

Mary Gable, principal of Old Mill High School, said Lisa was an excellent student who took high level classes. "All records indicate she was a model student. She was in the band; she took German," she said. "She was a very nice, pleasant person and a hard worker."

Ms. Gable said additional counselors and psychologists would be on hand tomorrow, when the school reopens after the holiday weekend, for students or staff members upset by the murder.

Ms. Revans said as word of the slaying spread through the apartment building Saturday, parents expressed fear about letting their children go outdoors.

"I hope they catch whoever did this soon, before he does it again. It must be a crazy person who did this . . . it was such a brutal attack."

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