Westminster's Zepp breaks 700 barrier with a bullet


January 17, 1993|By DONALD VITEK

Junior Zepp, born and raised in Carroll County, still lives in Westminster, and he still bowls tenpins.

"I started bowling when I was 18," Zepp said, "and I've been doing it for more than 30 years. But it wasn't until last year that I shot a 700 series."

Bowling in two leagues, the Friday Night Early in Hampstead and the Thursday Trophy at County Lanes, he has a 202 average. It was 180-plus last year.

At County Lanes, Zepp fired his first 700, and he was at Hampstead Bowling Center when he had his second 700 series.

Starting with a 183 game, Zepp added two 267 scores in the Friday Night Early league on lanes 23 and 24. He narrowly missed beating his career-high game of 268.

A pleasurable game

Richard Nusbaum, another Carroll County native, lives in Westminster and bowls in the Sunday Casual League at Thunderhead, the Wednesday Industrial League at South Hanover Lanes and the Friday Couples League at Hanover Lanes.

On Jan. 10, in the Sunday league, he started with a modest 142, followed with a 190, then broke loose. A spare followed by nine strikes gave him a career-high 276.

He has been bowling for nearly 30 years. Averaging 182, Nusbaum has a high series of 656. A down-and-in bowler, he owns two bowling balls, a Brunswick LT-48 and a Rhino.

"Two bowling balls is all I need," Nusbaum said. "I bowl for the pleasure of the sport."

Enjoying every minute

John Robertson Jr. of Westminster has been bowling for about 25 years. Averaging 178 in three leagues -- Tuesday Men's at Hampstead Bowling Center and Monday Mixed and the Thursday Trophy at County Lanes -- he favors a Nitro bowling ball.

Five or six years ago, in a Pro Am tournament, he posted a 814 series.

Last year he bowled in a summer league that netted him the elusive Triple Crown award: high set (650), high game (267) and high average (183).

On Jan. 5, on lanes 19 and 20 at Hampstead Bowling Center, he had a 703 series with a 233, a career-high 279 and a 190.

Of all the high scores, Robertson said: "I'm just having a good year . . . and I'm enjoying every minute of it."

A big hit with the kids

John Atkinson moved to Hampstead from Glen Burnie a few weeks ago, and he's enjoying tenpin bowling more. He is finishing the season in leagues at Greenway Bowl Odenton and Fair Lanes Ritchie in Glen Burnie.

"I quit bowling for seven years," Atkinson said. "I started again about 2 1/2 years ago."

Posting scores high enough to get membership in the 700 Club, he's averaging 195.

At Greenway Bowl Odenton last month, Atkinson gave up his Sunday off to bowl in a Youth/700 Club tournament. He wasn't alone -- 39 other 700 Club members filled the 40-lane center to bowl with the youngsters.

Throwing a 16-pound Purple Hammer, Atkinson started with a 185 game. The second game is one he and every youngster in the center will remember: 12 strikes for a perfect game.

"No one will know how much I appreciated bowling my first 300 game with the kids," Atkinson said. "That made it even more important to me."

Cures for winter blahs

Hampstead Bowling Center has a sure-fire cure for the winter blahs -- three new short-season leagues starting in January.

The Merchants League will start the second half of its season at the end of January. It's four members to a team and it's a handicap league bowling at 9:30 p.m.

Youth bowlers between the ages of 6 and 9 are wanted for the Saturday afternoon duckpin league that started Jan. 9. There are only a few spots open.

Hampstead Bowling Center also has a few openings in the youth tenpin Saturday morning league at 10 a.m.

I= For information, call Ginny Blackowicz at (410) 374-6211.

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