Cook wins Crofton tourney, $5,000 prize


January 17, 1993|By DON VITEK

His name is Marlon Cook and his teammates at Silver Hill and Alexandria call him Cookster. In the National Amateur Bowlers Inc.'s New Year's tournament at Crofton Bowling Centre Jan. 3, VTC he was cookin'.

The Temple Hills bowler, throwing an X-Caliber ball, topped a field of 849 amateur bowlers to pocket a check for $5,000.

Cook, who has been bowling for five years, carries a 183 average on Tuesday night with his Shades of Soul team at Silver Hill Lanes and the Thursday Scratch league at Alexandria. His career high game is 288 and the high series is 695.

"I like to fish for bass, too," Cook said, "But bowling in NABI sure pays off better."

Angela Gutowski of Gambrills carries a 183 average. Bowling on her home lanes, Crofton, where she's in the Monday Bay Country Rollers and the Wednesday Kettering Mixed with her parents, she captured second place and won $2,500.

Bowling for more than half of her 20 years, Gutowski has a high game of 266, a high set of 629.

Gutowski, a product of the Young American Bowling Alliance leagues, used a 15-pound Ebonite Thunderbolt in the NABI tournament.

The NABI tournament had a prize fund of $31,136. One in six entries took home a check. That means that the bowler in 146th place pocketed $60.

A mark in every frame

1ast year Ernie Maupin carried a 138 average in duckpins. This year, bowling in four leagues -- the Sunday Morning League at Arbutus, the Monday Quads at Westview, the Tuesday Friends at Southwest and in the Travel League on Friday -- he has increased that average to 146 in the Travel League.

Maupin, who has been bowling for 23 years, has a career-high game of 226 and a high set of 542. Bowling in the Friends League at Southwest, Maupin threw marks in every frame for a 194 game.

Maupin, a Baltimore resident, said: "I've done it several times. You can't figure out why or how. The first two games I threw that night were only 142 and 127. Duckpins is a funny game."

80 pins over average

Mike Bentley of Pasadena would agree. Bowling in the Sunday 98 Rockers League at Southwest Lanes, the only league in which the 102-average duckpinner participates, Bentley banged out a 182 game, 80 pins over his average.

"This is only my second year of bowling," he said. "Last year, some of the guys asked me to bowl and I said OK, and that's how I got started. Now I try to practice two, three days a week."

Bentley added games of 148 and 139 to the 182 game for a career-high series of 469.

A successful return

John Atkinson quit tenpin bowling for "about seven years, and then about a year and a half ago, I started again."

The native of Glen Burnie has just moved to Hampstead in Carroll County and travels to Greenway Odenton and Fair Lanes Ritchie to bowl in the Thursday Men's Capitol and Monday Mixed leagues, respectively.

Averaging 195, Atkinson has a high set of 727, one of two 700 series he's thrown since returning to the game.

Youths and the 700 Club

Peggy Tully of Greenway Bowl recently played host to the Youth/700 Club tournament.

It was designed so that the YABA bowlers could bowl with the members of the 700 Club to provide a teaching experience and a fun tournament for the youngsters and the 700 Club members.

"The guys from the 700 Club were just great," Tully said. "Forty of them turned out for the tournament so that I could have one 700 Club member on each lane in the house, and they were marvelous with the kids."

And something happened on that day that the young bowlers will never forget. Atkinson, throwing a 16-pound Purple Hammer, fired his first perfect game.

"I really appreciate the fact that I was able to do it with the youngsters," Atkinson said. "The 300 was my second game, and like to forget the third game. I was so nervous I just couldn't concentrate anymore."

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