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January 17, 1993

Name: Marguerite Luckett of Eastport

Volunteer Work/Interests: Ms. Luckett, a retiree from the Foreign Service, is among some 100 volunteers for the Hospice of the Anne Arundel Medical Center.

Despite a busy schedule as a real estate agent and her involvement with various community activities and organizations, Ms. Luckett shares time with patients in the hospice program.

HTC "I want to do whatever I can to help the patient out, or the care-giver," she says. "If I can help them alleviate stress in some way, I'm happy to do so.

The "whatever" she can do includes running errands, reading or watching television with the patient or just taking time to talk.

"One of the main functions is to be there to give support to the family," she says. "Sometimes it's good if the family has someone they can talk with to help ease the circumstances."

The family support concept is important, says Sandra Porterfield, the Medical Center's hospice coordinator. The program looks for individuals who have a "solid family life of their own and are emotionally and mentally stable," Ms. Porterfield says.

Although currently not matched with a patient, Ms. Luckett has worked with eight or nine people since she started volunteering in 1989.

Outside of volunteering in the hospice program, Ms. Luckett is an officer of the Eastport Civic Association, a member of the Baltimore World Trade Council and of Annapolis Internation, a group that features guest speakers and meetings on international affairs.

Organization's Comments: "She is very flexible time-wise," says Ms. Porterfield, who coordinates volunteers for the hospice. "She's an excellent listener, and I think the biggest thing is, she is very independent and confident about what she is doing."

Volunteer's Comment: "I'm a firm believer in hospice. I think it's helpful to the terminally ill patients. And if we can do anything to help, it's good, since you never know how you're going to need help some day. I wish more people would consider volunteering for hospice. It's an important program."

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