TUESDAYSENATE* Subcommittee on Health, Education and Human...


January 17, 1993



* Subcommittee on Health, Education and Human Resources: Hearing on higher education restructuring plan, 1:30 p.m., room 100, Senate Office Building.

* Subcommittee on Public Safety, Transportation, Economic Development and Natural Resources: Hearings on budgets of travel information centers and waterway improvement fund, 1:30 room 400, Senate Office Building.

* Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee: Briefing on the use of selenium in cancer research, 1 p.m.; SB81, health permits, fees and requirements; SB94, violations of Maryland Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; SB95, analysis of soft drinks; SB96, confidentiality of medical records. 2:30 p.m., room 200, Senate Office Building.

* Finance: SB50, state personnel and pensions, followed by voting on "Sunset" Reports, 1 p.m., presidential wing, Senate Office Building.

* Judicial: SB52, recognition of appointment in a foreign jurisdiction; SB53, rights of individuals with developmental disabilities; SB55, duration of emergency guardianship; SB56, property of vulnerable adults; SB60, detention prior to hearing in juvenile causes; SB73, restrictions on Maryland Tort Claims Act; SB122, standards of civil penalties; SB166, compensation to guardian of estate; SB169, social services fees and special fund; SB170, defining "child in need of assistance." 1 p.m., room 300, Senate Office Building.


* Subcommittee on Human Resources and Public Safety: Briefing by department of juvenile services, 1 p.m.; and briefing on welfare reform, 3 p.m., room 431, House Office Building.

* Environmental Matters: Briefing by Public Service Commission, report by Lead Paint Poisoning Commission, hearing on Natural Resources departmental bills, 1 p.m., room 160, House Office Building.

* Judiciary: HB3, coercive contributions; HB7, child selling; HB15, police bill of rights; HB88, handguns and exemption from fees for retired police; HB110, final order for Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights; HB114, expungement of nolle prosequi; HB125, criminal and jury trials of corporations; HB127, child selling prohibitions and penalties, 10:30 a.m.; briefing by department of fiscal services 1 p.m., room 120, House Office Building.



* Economic and Environmental Affairs: SB97, occupational therapy practice; SB98, morticians; SB99, physical therapy examiners; SB100, electrologists; SB101, chiropractic examiners; SB102, podiatric medical examiners; SB103, examiners of psychologists; SB104, pharmacy, 1 p.m., room 200, Senate Office Building.

* Judicial Proceedings: SB4, false statements to legislative branch units; SB8, forged prescriptions; SB40, littering on private property, SB47, invasion of privacy in dressing rooms and rest rooms; SB54, competency to be sentenced; SB62, inmate fees; SB82, disclosure of expenses for public defender; SB132, Fentanyl penalties; SB133, drug offenses for minors, 1 p.m., room 300, Senate Office Building.


* Judiciary: HB22 prohibition against appearance services by business entity; HB23, individual debtors; HB28, legislative duties of General Assembly; HB46, prospective jurors from Motor Vehicle Administration lists; HB89, Local Government Tort Claims Act; HB104, Queen Anne's County, repeal of bonding requirement, 10:30 a.m., room 120, House Office Building.

* Appropriations: HB19, vehicle laws; HB53, reimbursement for Medvac transport costs; HB78, noise barriers, 11 a.m.. Briefings by Butta Commission and Governor's Task Force on Privatization, 1:30 p.m., room 130, House Office Building.

* Economic Matters: HB24, automotive repair estimates; HB43, unfair labor practices; HB77 unfair labor practices, 1 p.m., room 150, House Office Building.

* Ways and Means: Briefing by Department of Fiscal Services, primary and secondary education overview, higher education overview, 1 p.m., room 110, House Office Building.



* Budget and Taxation and Finance: Briefing on legislative audit of insurance division's monitoring of insurance companies' solvency, 1 p.m., Joint Hearing Room; briefing on Hickey School, 3 p.m., room 100; block grant hearings, 4 p.m., Joint Hearing Room, Senate Office Building.

* Economic and Environmental Affairs: SB108, Real Estate Commission Guaranty Fund; SB109 Real Estate Commission Guaranty Fund awards; SB110, educational requirements for licensing professional engineers; SB111 Real Estate Commission administrative subpoenas; SB112, real estate brokers notification of termination; SB113, Real Estate Commission license renewal and reinstatement; SB114, experience requirements for professional land surveyors; SB115, examination of home improvement licenses, 1 p.m., room 200, Senate Office Building.

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