Board Game For Power Players


January 17, 1993

Did your resume get lost in the avalanche of all those others submitted by idealistic baby boomers who want to go to Washington to change the world and drive a BMW?

Have you been sitting anxiously by the phone wondering how somebody as brilliant and savvy as you could have been overlooked by a guy from Arkansas?

Has your last chance for moving out of your parents' house and getting a real life slipped through your fingers like grits off a razorback?

Did you just bend your last saxophone reed?

Is that what's bothering you, Bunky?

Well, wake up and smell the Potomac!

Because the next best thing to actually being down there in D.C. is to play "The First Hundred Days," a board game designed by The Sun's political cartoonist, Kevin Kallaugher -- better known by his nome de crayon, Kal.

Guaranteed to cure you of those non-empowerment blues, the game is designed for four players, each representing one of those bright-eyed go-getters on the brand-new White House staff.

Each player is charged with getting one of the president's pet policy initiatives enacted in his First Hundred Days. These policies -- Health Reform, Education Reform, Environmental Concerns and Job Creation -- are represented by game tokens and are advanced by a die roll along the game board.

Each square represents two days. Players must get their initiative enacted before anyone else and before the supply of political capital surrounding the new president during his "honeymoon," fades away.

Players: Four.

Playing Pieces: Cut out tokens, assign one to each player; cu out Uncle Sam "Political Capital-o-meter."

Movement: Cut out and paste six-sided die.

Goal: Be the first to get your token from the "Corridor of Power square to Day 100 square before the last notch of the Uncle Sam marker disappears.

Preparation: Place tokens on "Corridor of Power." Lay Uncle Sa "Political Capital-o-meter" feet first alongside upper edge of board so it may be slid beneath the surface, one notch after most turns (see exceptions below).


1. At start, each player rolls die, high number moving first, second highest moving second, etc. Proceed around board following path of yellow arrows.

2. If movement ends on a Window of Opportunity with open shutters, advance token upward to far end of the arrow.

3. If movement ends on tail of a Sleazeoid, move token downward to the head of the Sleazeoid.

4. If movement ends on Black Hole, place token in belly of Bonzo the Debt Monster. Lose one turn. Return token to original Black Hole square and move normally next turn.

5. After each player moves token, slide Uncle Sam under the edge of the game board one notch. Do not slide Uncle Sam if you land on Black Hole or if you lose a turn.

6. Game ends when a token reaches Day 100 or when the Uncle Sam completely disappears. Note: Tokens may enter Day 100 space only by exact count of the die.

If Uncle Sam disappears before anyone reaches Day 100, all players are fired and country is doomed. Otherwise, winner gets invited for a photograph with the president and the chance to start all over again with a new assignment. Remember, a president's term lasts 1,460 days, so it ain't over till it's over.

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