Artist works for 'Peanuts'


January 17, 1993|By SYLVIA BADGER

Baltimore-based artist Tom Everhart will be featured in a CBS-TV show to air this winter (date to be announced). The Charles Schulz special, titled "Those Fabulous Funnies: The First 100 Years," will include a segment on Everhart, who paints "Peanuts" contemporary portraits.

Everhart's relationship with "Peanuts" creator Schulz began 11 years ago when Everhart was a free-lance artist working for Disney. They hit it off so well that Schulz taught him his techniques and eventually hired Everhart to work on special projects for him. Everhart says the most exciting project he's worked on for Schulz so far was a Time magazine cover.

CBS will also begin filming a documentary on Schulz and Everhart in which they compare Schulz's drawings to Everhart's paintings. Filming will take place in Baltimore, San Francisco and Italy this spring.

Everhart's "Peanuts" portraits are something to see -- imagine an 8-foot-by-12-foot painting of Schroeder's piano, Pig Pen's dirt balls and Lucy's hairdo. He's also working on a series of doghouses, along the line of Monet's cathedrals. These paintings and more will be included in his 1994 solo show at the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. His first "Peanuts" painting was shown at the Louvre in 1990.

You may have seen some of Everhart's work at Towson Town Center. He was commissioned by the mall to paint a series representing gardens from Hampton National Historical Site, Baltimore Conservatory, Sherwood Gardens and Ladew Topiary Gardens. These are the lovely scenes that adorn walls throughout the mall. Lithographs are also sold.


Just about the only thing smoking at the Orioles games this year will be Tom Matte's ribs. Yep, I'm told that it's a go for his new rib concession.

What you may not know is that Matte's ribs are really the specialty of his friend, Mike Hart, former head of the International Longshoremen's Association, local No. 953. According to Hart, sports fans are much more apt to buy ribs from Tom Matte than from Mike Hart, so he's happy to make the sauce and let Matte make the news.


More than 180 Orioles fans who signed up for the seventh annual Orioles cruise enjoyed the Caribbean this past week on board the ship Horizon. Star attractions for this year's cruise were Brady Anderson, Mike and Cherrie Devereaux, Mark McLemore, Birdie Tebbetts, Greg Biagini, Ken Nigro and Earl and Mary Anna Weaver. (I hear Mary Anna has become quite an artist and was asked to donate one of her paintings as a cruise prize.)

More people signed up for this year's weeklong Caribbean cruise than ever before, and I think I know the drawing card: At least 40 women on the trip asked to sit at Brady Anderson's table.

"Lifers" on board -- those who have been on every cruise -- were John and Betty Brannon, Stu and Lillian Warnken, Iris Neely and Gay Wise.


Sunday night supper will never taste the same once you've eaten food prepared by Nantucket cookbook author Sara Leah Chase and Linwood Dame, owner of Linwood's restaurant.

You'll have that chance Feb. 7 at Linwood's, thanks to Toby Greenberg and Barbara Taylor, who are bringing this awesome twosome together.

The dinner is a benefit to help Bea Gaddy continue her efforts to feed Baltimore's hungry and homeless. Others working on the event are Linwood's wife, Ellen; the restaurant's employees, who will be working free that evening; and Taylor, a floral designer, who will do all the flower arrangements.

Tickets are $100 each but are expected to go quickly because seating at Linwood's is limited. Call Linwood's at (410) 356-3030 for reservations.


Beginning today at 11 a.m., Baltimore Representative Kweisi Mfume takes his gift of gab from the halls of Congress to the studios of WBAL-TV. The 7th District Democrat is the host of a new hourlong show, "The Bottom Line," which has high hopes of getting to the bottom line on issues such as capital punishment, scam artists, violence in schools and teen pregnancy. The show features a live audience. If you're interested in participating, call (410) 832-1200, Ext. 9206.

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