Around the house* When taking down pictures to paint...


January 16, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* When taking down pictures to paint walls, insert a thumb tack into the hole. Paint over tack and then remove when wall is dry. The unpainted circles will indicate where to rehang wall accessories.

* Do not soak knife blades in water. Instead, hand-wash and dry them immediately.

* Use an empty squeeze bottle filled with frosting to decorate cookies or a birthday cake.

* Keep a bottle of a stain pretreater near hamper so stains can be tackled when soiled laundry is deposited. Check product's label to be sure it can be applied in advance.

In the garden

* Provide more humidity for houseplants by grouping them together on a tray of pebbles. When watering, make sure seepage occurs from the bottom of the pots. Plants that need moisture will turn brown and shrivel up, even though some new growth may be apparent.

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