3 Orioles expected to file for arbitration

January 15, 1993|By Jim Henneman

The three remaining Orioles eligible for arbitration, Mike Devereaux, Brady Anderson and Todd Frohwirth, are all expected to file before today's deadline.

"It's part of the process," said general manager Roland Hemond. "Any player who isn't signed normally files as a formality. It doesn't necessarily mean he won't sign without going to arbitration."

Ben McDonald, the only other Orioles player eligible foarbitration this year, agreed to a $1.225 million contract last week.

Anderson, who had a career year while making $345,000 lasyear, figures to make the biggest jump on the salary scale.

In a similar situation last year, Devereaux signed a $1 million contract shortly before his scheduled arbitration hearing.

Both Anderson, who hit .271 with 21 home runs and 81 RBI, anDevereaux (.276, 24, 107) are on the Orioles' cruise. They are not due back until tomorrow evening, making a quick settlement virtually impossible.

Frohwirth was 4-3 with a 2.76 ERA and four saves in 65 gamelast year.

His stock also jumped when he was one of the 15 players th Orioles protected in last fall's expansion draft. He made $265,000 last year and his eligibility for arbitration will help him get a healthy boost in salary.

Players with three years of service are eligible for arbitration an can file any time between Jan. 5-15. Traditionally most players wait until the deadline before filing.

Once a player has declared his intention, the two side exchange figures. The cases are then scheduled for February, but negotiations often continue until the two parties enter the hearing room.

If the sides don't settle, the arbitrator must choose either th player's figure or the club's figure.

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