Education cuts do not include furloughs

January 15, 1993|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

The Carroll Board of Education formally approved trimming $2.47 million from its $113.6 million budget through administrative cuts and a plan that allows principals discretion on what to do without in their buildings.

The plan does not include any furloughs or salary reductions.

School officials also proposed a calendar that has no two-hour-early dismissal days, which in the past have been used for teacher meeting days or the day before the winter break.

The budget plan was approved Wednesday. Administrators proposed it to the board last month, after the county commissioners asked the schools to shoulder 51 percent of a cut in state money to counties.

Schools make up about 51 percent of the county budget.

The plan reduces money set aside for training teachers, paying for substitutes while the teachers are in training and paying faculty to work summers writing the curriculum.

Of the total reduction, $670,000 comes from individual school budgets for non-salary items such as equipment, books and other materials. Superintendent R. Edward Shilling said principals wanted discretion to cut their individual school budgets.

Mr. Hyde said that principals will end up with about 81 percent of their original budgets.

The General Assembly voted in November to eliminate the portion of employer Social Security payments it traditionally had paid for teachers, librarians and community college professors.

That saved the state $147 million, and pulled a total $4.7 million from Carroll County.

In proposing the calendar at the board meeting, Mr. Shilling said the schools may not dismiss two hours early this year without being in violation of a new law that requires 180 days of kindergarten, the same number of days for other grades. Early dismissals would be a problem for afternoon kindergartens.

Mr. Shilling said superintendents around the state will be asking the Maryland Department of Education to consider waivers to the rule.

The proposed calendar would begin school Aug. 31 for teachers and Sept. 7 for students, ending June 17 for students and teachers.

The last day of school before winter break would be Dec. 23, and it would be a full day. Schools would reopen Jan. 3. Spring break would start March 31 and last through April 5.

The calendar will be voted on by the Board of Education Feb. 10.

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