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January 15, 1993

Second buffalo killed by owner

The second of the wandering buffalo was shot and killed by its owner after it was spotted in a corn field off Sudley Road Wednesday evening.

"He ran it for two to five miles before he could get close enough to see it," said Tammy Owens of her husband, Ricky. "But it was just like the last one. They smell you miles before they see you."

A friend of the Owens' shot and killed the first buffalo when it was spotted in a South County field last week.

The two 400-pound bison escaped from what was to have been their home on a 36-acre farm on Solomons Island Road shortly after arriving there Dec. 28. The buffalo were to have been companions for Big Boy, Mr. Owens' pet buffalo who has been lonely since his mate died several months ago.

Police and the couple searched the area and spotted the buffaloes several times, but were never able to get close enough to capture them. The skittish pair had been seen running as fast as 35 mph, leading police to warn motorists in the area.

Mrs. Owens said yesterday she and her husband have lost a lot of sleep worrying that someone would be seriously hurt by their escaped pets.

"What would have happened had it run out into the road and caused an accident?" she asked. "Or with school being back in, if one of them ran through the playground and hurt someone?"

Mrs. Owens said she feels badly about having to shoot the animals, but she and her husband felt they had no choice.

"If it's a choice between someone's life and a buffalo, of course the buffalo would have to go down," she said. "This has been a terrible new year. Last night was the first good night's sleep we got since this happened."

Man robs bank at shopping center

Annapolis police are searching for a robber who held up a bank at noon Wednesday in a busy shopping center.

The robber walked into the Signet Bank branch in the Bay Forest Shopping Center off Bay Ridge Avenue at about 12:30 p.m. and handed the teller a note demanding money, city police said.

The teller complied, and the bandit took off, police said.

He was last seen running toward another shopping center on Bay Ridge Avenue, where police believe he escaped in a getaway car.

Owings Mills man charged in thefts

County police charged an Owings man with robbery and theft after police said he snatched purses from two women Wednesday.

Investigators said someone grabbed the purse of 31-year-old woman who was in the Roy Rogers restaurant in the 2000 block of West St. about 5:15 p.m. Witnesses gave police a description of the car in which the robber escaped.

At 10:30 p.m., the robber walked into the High's store in the 2100 block of Defense Highway and took a purse from a back room while the clerk's back was turned.

Officers patrolling the Wayson's Corner area in Lothian saw an unoccupied car matching the description of the robber's in front of a convenience store on Route 4. The engine had been left running.

Douglas M. Brooks, 30, of the 300 block of Horaceward Road, was ar

rested as he walked out of the store.


* Annapolis: Burglars broke into the Pace Way store in the 100 block of Old Solmons Island Road Wednesday and took about $30.

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