What They Are Saying

January 14, 1993

President Bush: "I'm president until the 20th and I will run the foreign policy and make these kind of decisions as long as I'm president. The coalition did the right thing. . . . And I've said before that we are determined that Saddam Hussein will abide by the United Nations resolutions. And we're very serious about that.

President-elect Bill Clinton: "I always tell everybody I am a Baptist. I believe in death-bed conversions. If he wants a different relationship with the United States and the United Nations, all he has to do is change his behavior."

British Prime Minister John Major: "We didn't take this action lightly. The Iraqis have been given ample warning."

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein: "The criminals came back carrying their spite and their tools of evil. . . . Damn the American aggressors and their agents! Let every plane be a target for you. Just mention God's name and it will be destroyed."

Capt. Michael J. McCamish, who commands all aircraft on the U.S. carrier Kitty Hawk: "His [Hussein's] radar don't exist here anymore. They've been turned from pieces of machinery to small pieces of metal."

Cmdr. Kevin Thomas, commander of an F-18 Hornet squadron: "This takes out his ability to control his aircraft below the 32nd parallel. It was like a big laser light show, with triple-A [anti-aircraft artillery] and tracer bullets."

Kuwaiti columnist Fuad al-Hashem of the Al-Watan newspaper: "The Kuwaiti people are as happy as a bride on her wedding day."

Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole: "Let's also hope that the warlords in Somalia, and dictator Milosevic in Belgrade get the message, too: When the United Nations speaks, it means business."

House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt: "The message . . . should be clear: Democrats and Republicans, the Bush administration and the Clinton administration, will not tolerate violations of the U.N. resolutions by Saddam."

Jordan Foreign Minister Kamel Abu Jaber: "We are against force and we support dialogue."

Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin: "Forget about Scuds. I don't believe in it now. Since the strike was limited to the gulf region we assess it will not affect the situation in Israel."

French Communist Party member Francis Wurtz: "How is it in France's interest to enlist in such an operation? Our country could do better by trying to advance justice in the world."

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