Hillary Clinton picks purple

January 14, 1993|By Liz Smith | Liz Smith,Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Hillary Clinton is now being fitted in Little Rock for her Inaugural gown, designed by the young, home-grown Sarah Phillips and executed by the great Broadway theater genius, Barbara Matera. The dress is a sheath of embroidery and lace with an overskirt of chiffon. The colors run from lavender to purple.

And because this dress has been put together with the expertise that only goes into theater costumes, Mrs. Clinton has already pronounced: "I have never been so comfortable in a dress in my entire life." This is the very first designer dress the new First Lady-to-be has ever owned.

As designer, many were rumored, but Sarah Phillips was chosen. Sarah has been described to me as "adorable and young." She made a yellow wool suit for a Little Rock boutique that was frequented by Mrs. Clinton. Hillary bought the suit and wore it during the Democratic Convention. Ever since, she has seemed to fancy Sarah's "one person" operation.

Because she needed help with the embroidery, Sarah called on the Broadway house of Arthur and Barbara Matera, costumers extraordinary. The result is, I am told, a dress that won't "wear" Hillary Clinton, but one that she can wear to really great effect.

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