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January 12, 1993

School seeks volunteers to help put up walls

The Jessup Elementary School Wall Project is seeking volunteers to help put up walls in the school over the next couple of years.

The group has secured materials and licensed contractors for the renovations, which will include a sprinkler system for the entire school, walls in the existing sixth-grade pods, new carpeting and a computer lab.

All of the work will be performed by volunteers, and there will be no cost to the county or individuals.

The group is asking each parent of children attending the school to donate one weekend over the summer to work on the project. No experience is necessary, and parents will be notified by the end of April to pick their weekend in June, July and August.

Baby-sitting services will be offered during these weekends. Information: 222-6490.

Man steals cigarettes from convenience store

A thief stole a carton of cigarettes from the 7-Eleven store in the 500 block of Donaldson Ave. in Severn Saturday.

Officers said when the clerk put the cigarettes in a bag, the thief said he wanted to buy something else. The clerk turned his back, and the thief grabbed the bag and ran out of the store.

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