Stop KenoI am strongly opposed to the operation of a keno...


January 12, 1993

Stop Keno

I am strongly opposed to the operation of a keno game by the state of Maryland. This game crosses the line from lotteries into casino gambling. Keno is a sucker's game, designed to fleece the ignorant, the careless and the addicted. My state government should not be involved in such immoral activity.

Proponents of keno justify its use as a revenue producer. Studies show that the players are mostly poor. I do not think our government should finance its activities by swindling those least able to pay.

A recent article in Money magazine named Maryland as having the sixth highest taxes in this country, higher than all the neighboring states in this region.

I believe our high tax rate should provide adequate revenue to run an efficient government -- after all, a lesser amount is sufficient for all our neighbors. I challenge our government leaders to solve the state fiscal problems with effective leadership or explain why they can't.

I challenge the voters of Maryland to demand efficient government leadership or replace the leaders.

David K. Hoyt

Glen Burnie

Why UMBC Needs Theater Major

As part of its reorganization plan, the board of regents of th University of Maryland System is considering a proposal to eliminate the theater major at UMBC, one of two theater majors the system supports in the Baltimore area.

The other theater major is at Towson State University. The board's argument for eliminating one program is to avoid duplication.

For the past ten years I have been the chairperson of the theater department at Towson State. Although my personal allegiance, naturally, is to the program at Towson, I am writing in support of the theater program at UMBC.

The theater program at UMBC and the program at Towson State are not duplicates. Each has a different artistic vision of theater .. and a distinct philosophy of theater education. Theater students benefit greatly from the opportunity to choose which philosophy best suits them.

The Baltimore theater community greatly benefits from the presence of productions reflecting a variety of artistic visions. The UMBC theater is an essential part of the artistic renaissance in Baltimore. Without it there would be less to attract talented theater professionals and students to the area.

The University of Maryland System would lose an important asset, and theater in the state would become significantly impoverished.

The arts in this country are struggling to survive these difficult financial and political times. I urge the board of regents to reconsider its decision. The loss of the theater program at UMBC would be a severe blow to the arts in Baltimore and the state.

Maravene Loeschke


Story under Fire

I am confused and disappointed by the poorly stated repor Dec. 27 on Sarah's House. The headline blares "shelter is under fire." Under fire by whom? The Sun? A reporter? A disgruntled former employee?

Obviously, the center is not under fire from the Department of Social Services or county officials!

Tell the public more about Jacob Fraley, the much-quoted former case worker. Why is he no longer employed there? Don't all organizations and companies have disgruntled former employees? What makes his statements a basis for slander from a newspaper that usually has higher standards?

How can you accept a quote, "What they're doing to the women down there is inhuman. If a dog is down, you don't kick it."? Give the reader facts, please.

I resent seeing a successful operation attacked. Can your reporters give facts instead of complaints? Don't you have any real news in Maryland to report?

Marguerite Downs


Going Nowhere

The proposed magnetic levitation train will go from nowher to nowhere, will cost billions of taxpayer dollars to construct and operate and will become the biggest white elephant in decades.

The private sector turned this train down because it would not pass a cost vs. benefits test. But our federal, state and local government officials, along with the construction union bosses, want the taxpayers to finance this money waster, no matter what the cost.

They should be correcting the many current problems of the light rail and MARC trains rather than taking on new problems.

Ray Gordon


Islam and Others

I cannot fault The Sun for printing editorials with which disagree.

The author of an editorial, though, owes readers the courtesy of a well-researched, factually correct basis on which the opinion is based. By these standards, the editorial "Embattled Islam," (Dec. 13) was a disgrace.

It was a potpourri of mistaken history colored by wishful thinking rather than historical fact. Contrary to the editorial's position, Islamic fundamentalism, as expressed by religious intolerance of non-Muslims, is not a response to persecution, but a long-standing and unpleasant aspect of Islam.

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