Frederick County sees its first baby born in '93

January 11, 1993|By Greg Tasker | Greg Tasker,Staff Writer

David Thomas Mellstrom arrived later than most New Year's babies, but the Mount Airy infant still managed to be the first birth in Frederick County in 1993.

Baby Mellstrom was born at 11:55 a.m. New Year's Day at Frederick Memorial Hospital to Greg and Elizabeth Mellstrom. He was one of four babies born at the Frederick hospital on Jan. 1.

"Everybody must have had late babies that day," said Elly Jack, a registered nurse in the hospital's maternity ward. "A lot of times the babies are born closer to midnight, but they were later this year."

David's arrival was a surprise to Mr. and Mrs. Mellstrom, who live in the Village of Tall Oaks.

The baby was due Jan. 3. About half-past midnight New Year's Day, Mrs. Mellstrom's water broke, however, and the couple left a quiet celebration with relatives for the hospital, about 20 minutes away.

Because of high blood pressure and other complications, the baby was delivered by Caesarean section, instead of naturally, as the couple had planned, Mr. Mellstrom said.

David weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and is 22 1/2 inches long.

"It was a surprise," said Mr. Mellstrom, 33. "It's our first baby. We didn't have any idea whether it was a boy or a girl.

It sounds kind of sappy, but as long as the baby was healthy, we didn't care either way."

Mother and baby are doing well at home.

"I took the week off to stay home and take care of mom and baby," said Mr. Mellstrom, a 27-year-old underwriter manager for Blue Cross. "I'm glad to do it."

The Mellstroms didn't expect all the attention that has come with the New Year's honor.

At the hospital, the family received a floral arrangement, a silver cup and T-shirts noting "the first baby of 1993." And the family's picture has appeared in local newspapers.

"We've had people who have recognized us because of the picture in the paper," Mr. Mellstrom said. "We've had quite a few visitors."

There's even more good news, according to Mr. Mellstrom.

"The baby slept seven hours straight last night."

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