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January 11, 1993

City Council vote planned on renovation of historic tavern

The Annapolis City Council will vote tonight on a controversial plan to enlarge a kitchen in one of the city's oldest taverns.

Even though no one opposes expanding the upstairs kitchen at Middleton Tavern, residents and merchants in the historic district are divided over whether the city should require 15 conditions before allowing the project.

The council also is expected to approve a bill to protect women against repeated harassment or stalking.

Alderman Carl O. Snowden, a Ward 5 Democrat, introduced the legislation to make it easier for women to file complaints and to stiffen penalties against those convicted of the crime.

Also on the agenda is a plan to reduce the cap on property assessment increases from 10 percent to 4.5 percent to match the county's cap.

Last week, more than 100 homeowners, restaurateurs and business leaders packed City Hall to express their opinions on the kitchen controversy.

The city Planning and Zoning Commission sided with Jerry Hardesty, owner of Middleton Tavern, and agreed to drop the 15 conditions, among which is an expensive requirement for installing brick pavement in front of the restaurant.

Business leaders have called the condition an attempt by the city to "extort" money for public improvements.

But the city planning director and downtown residents said they fear exempting Mr. Hardesty will set a bad precedent for other restaurant expansions.

Four council members are introducing legislation to streamline the conditional use process.

2 Annapolis women robbed of purses

Two women were robbed of their purses Thursday in separate incidents in Annapolis, county police reported.

Detectives said in the first incident, a 21-year-old woman was outside the Liquor Mart and Deli on Route 450 and Generals Highway at 8 p.m. when the robber snatched her purse and ran off.

In the second incident, a 59-year-old woman was leaving the Taco Bell restaurant in the 3000 block of Solomon's Island Road at 9 p.m. when her purse was snatched by the same man, police said.

The woman chased the robber around the building twice and others joined the chase, but the robber managed to escape into the woods. Police found a car parked and running next to the Taco Bell.

On the ground near the car police found a purse and wallet that belonged to the first victim.

Two men hold up West Street Rite Aid

Two men, one of whom was armed, robbed an Annapolis drug store Thursday night, county police reported.

Investigators said the two walked into the Rite Aid store in the 2000 block of West St. at 8 p.m.

One of the men began talking on the pay phone near the manager's office while the other asked the manager about a job.

When the manager turned his back, the man who had been talking on the phone jumped over the counter and put a gun in the manager's face.

The gunman forced the manager to give him money from the safe, and the robbers left the store.

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