Panel denies permit for Gray's Creek pierANNAPOLIS -- The...


January 11, 1993|By From Staff Reports

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY ANNAPOLIS — Panel denies permit for Gray's Creek pier

ANNAPOLIS -- The Anne Arundel County Board of Appeals has denied Robert Calvert a permit to build a 75-foot pier on Grays Creek off the Magothy River that neighbors complained would block access to the community marina.

Mr. Calvert said he will challenge the board's ruling in court and plans to proceed with the construction.

"We purchased the property, and we have a right to use that water," said Mr. Calvert, who owns property on both sides of the Sylvan View Community Association's marina. "If someone is going to deny us the right to use the property, then they should pay us for it."

Mr. Calvert said the new pier would allow him to dock his 42-foot boat in deeper water. The boat is now on the other side of the marina.

Fishing line can be lethal to fowl, geese owner says



SYKESVILLE -- Careless fishermen can be the death of Piney Run Lake's wild geese and ducks, as anglers foul the lake and shoreline with discarded line that is lethal to the birds.

"The fishermen just don't realize, when they throw filament line overboard, that it doesn't rot and it never disintegrates," says Jane Asmis, a neighbor who rescues and tends to injured birds ensnared in the lines. "Birds can't break it with their beaks, either.

"It is just horrible to see," she says. "You can't get near the wild ones to untangle them. The wire cuts off their circulation and gangrene sets in. Then you can't save them."

The birds become entangled as they swim or as they walk through filament that has washed up on shore.

Several of Mrs. Asmis' own Toulouse domestic geese, which wander freely around her farm, have become caught in the hooks and wire that end up in her lakeside shrubbery.

"I can usually doctor them up with antiseptic salve and save them," she says of the birds.

She even has had a few one-legged geese. "The wire just cuts the leg off right at the joint," she says.

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