Sier on mark in Coors Cutter Duckpin Classic qualifier Series at Mount Airy Lanes includes 201 game


January 10, 1993|By DON VITEK

Claude Sier, who bowls at Mount Airy Lanes in the Monday Industrial League, the Wednesday Major men's and the Friday ** Mixed, is averaging 132 in the Wednesday league. That's the average he entered for the Coors Cutter $25,000 Duckpin Classic qualifying squad at Mount Airy Lanes last weekend.

Last year, Sier threw an all-mark game at Mount Airy Lanes, good for a 201. He did it again but this time he picked the right spot for it -- the Coors Cutter qualifier.

Sier had games of 141, 201, 137, 145 and 142 for a scratch score of 766 and then added 152 handicap pins for a 918 score.

Qualifiers in local centers advance to the national finals on May 22 and 23 at Fair

Lanes Pikesville.

First prize is $3,000 for both the man and the woman who win the national title.

A nice recovery

Craig Feaser's right knee, which was operated on recently to replace deteriorated tendons with nylon, is coming along nicely.

"Diabetes caused the deterioration of the muscle tissue," Feaser said, "and a strain from playing softball tore the tendons off the kneecap. The doctor said I'll never play softball again, but bowling is OK."

Before the operation, Feaser carried a 138 average and posted a career high game of 247 at the old Liberty Bowling Center; his high series is 532.

"Now I'm bowling in the Saturday Fun Bunch league at Hampstead," Feaser said. "Just trying to get the knee back into shape for serious bowling."

Feaser, a right-handed bowler, is finding out how much a bowler depends on that right leg for good bowling. That's the knee that must be strong enough to push with as he comes through with the ball.

Feaser, who lives in Gamber, was subbing for his brother-in-law, Gary Hamilton, in the Tuesday Men's Commercial league at Hampstead Lanes on Dec. 22, when he found out that his knee is coming along. He fired a 204.

Bowlers of the Month

Sharon Garris and Keith Cox are the tenpin and duckpin Bowlers of the Month for December, respectively, at Westminster Thunderhead.

Garris, a native of Durham, N.C., lives in Westminster and bowls in the Friday Merchandise league where she averages 144. She fired her career high series, 555, to become Bowler of the Month.

"We started bowling about four years ago in North Carolina," Feaser said. "And then we moved to Carroll County about a year and a half ago. Then Nan and Richard Cleary, our in-laws, got us started bowling again. We're having so much fun that we'll start bowling in another league this month."

Cox has been bowling for about 15 years. The Finksburg resident has been president of the Monday night church league for three years.

With a 119 average, Cox has a career-high game of 192 and a career-high series of 420-plus. His Sandy Mount team is in first place.

"This is the first time I've been Bowler of the Month," Cox said. "I hope it's not the last time."

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