All the right moves . . .I think the Orioles did the right...


January 10, 1993

All the right moves . . .

I think the Orioles did the right thing. It was time to get rid of all that dead weight (Orsulak, Milacki, Horn, Milligan, Bill Ripken, Flanagan, Dempsey, Davis and Cal Ripken Sr.) and give the young guys a chance (Martinez, Segui, Mills, Mercedes and Rhodes).

Getting rid of Bill Ripken was a move that should have been made years ago. I was tired of hearing of what a great defensive second baseman he was. Yet he never won a Gold Glove. He could not hit for average or power, nor run well enough to steal bases. Why was he on the team? (Answer: His name was Ripken).

Charles Wudtee

urners Station

. . . all the wrong ones

Since Opening Day of the 1992 Baltimore Orioles season, 12 players have left the roster without ceremony. The Orioles have also broken their ties with a man who dedicated his life to the Baltimore Orioles in Cal Ripken Sr. I am very disappointed and disturbed by these wholesale changes. Perhaps the Orioles hTC were justified in breaking their ties with Horn, Milacki, Flanagan, Dempsey, Bell, Davis, Williamson, Orsulak, Milligan, Mesa, Orsulak and McLemore. I just find it hard to believe that one of these players did not have something to contribute to the Baltimore Orioles of 1993.

The results of these changes have left me with many questions. For instance, can Davis be the answer at first base? Will Reynolds equal the run production and defensive stability of McLemore and Ripken? Can Mercedes and Martinez be an effective right-field combination? Who is the Orioles' fifth starter? Who will be the anchor of our bullpen? Who will fill the DH spot in the lineup? The Orioles have many question marks and few answers.

Irwin Tamres


Gender gap

Has The Sun ever contemplated that you may be a contributor to the gender gap that exists in sports?

Approximately two days before the series addressing the inequalities plaguing athletes was run, your paper placed an article on a Dunbar regular-season basketball victory on Page 1 and an article about Dulaney's Amanda White being named the Dial National High School Athlete of the Year on Page 5. Unquestionably, White's achievement was more newsworthy. If it was not gender, why did the Dunbar basketball team get the front-page nod?

I felt The Sun's report was important, yet hypocritical. Fairness in coverage can help eradicate this situation faster than a series of articles will.

Carolyn Ruppel


How about the Cavaliers?

Baltimore will be awarded a NFL expansion team in 1995. The team should be called The Maryland Cavaliers. The name represents our state's rich equestrian tradition. It also signifies this area's proud military history. And the names thus far suggested have been awful. I mean "the U's"? Give me a break.

G. B. Hart


Madden just doing his job

Adele Pazdienski wishes to criticize John Madden for his style commentary, she has every right to do so. Announcing styles are matters of taste.

I feel compelled, however, to respond to her lack of understanding of the role of the color commentator in a football game. She complained that Madden "never tells us the score or how much time is left." That is not Madden's job.

As a color commentator/analyst, Madden's "drawing pictures and explaining plays" help contribute to the viewer's understanding of the game. This is his job. Pazdienski may not like the manner in which Madden does his job, but he does it.

Paul L. Turner



I am co-owner of an Orioles mini-season-ticket plan, and I would like to express my concerns about the poor treatment that the Orioles organization has given me. In the past three years that I have been a ticket holder, I have seen price increases and a modification to the method of payment.

This year, the Orioles announced that with the early payment due date (Dec. 11) and the limiting of season-ticket sales that every effort would be put forward to get the ticket(s) into the hands of purchasers by Christmas 1992. Ha Ha.

Instead of tickets by Christmas, my mini-plan co-owner and I re

ceived your left-over 1992 playoff and World Series blank ticket stub. Nice substitute Orioles!

We, the customer, want some respect and want to let Mr. Jacobs know that the intimidating style of the Orioles organization must be stopped.

Warden Bailey

Severna Park


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