Rypien's season ends at boiling point Frustrated QB explodes over question by reporter

January 10, 1993|By Vito Stellino | Vito Stellino,Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO -- Mark Rypien kept using the words "frustrated" and "frustration" over and over during his post-game news conference yesterday.

"All of us are frustrated," the Washington Redskins quarterback said after the 20-13 playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers at muddy Candlestick Park.

It was almost a replay of the 28-10 loss to the 49ers in the playoffs two years ago, when the Redskins got inside the 15 three times in the second half and Rypien not only couldn't get any points, but also was intercepted three times, twice in the end zone.

This time, they got inside the 49ers 23 four times and settled for one touchdown and two field goals.

"We're frustrated. We came in here with the intention of coming away with a victory," he said.

But he didn't really show his frustration until Ann Killion, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury-News, asked him if he was "relieved" the season was over.

His frustration then boiled over.

"Relieved that it's over? A lot of us are competitors. I don't care if people ride my ass for every day that I walk out there in the world. We still had a chance. Maybe a lot of you people don't understand this. We have families who damn well care about what we do on this football team. . . . To be relieved. To go out there and lose a game and be relieved that it's over with.

"That's an a question. I don't even know why you ask a question like that. If you want to get a reaction, you're going to get one, so get your pens out and start writing. You got people with families in there fighting their a off and you're going to say relieved. A bunch of b ."

Rypien then walked off the podium and ended the news conference.

Rypien completed 19 of 40 passes for 270 yards and had two passes intercepted.

He also lost a handoff in the muddy conditions when the Redskins had a first down on the 49ers 23-yard line, trailing 17-13.

"The ball just came out," Rypien said. "That's the way our season went. That was a big part of the game, because we were driving for the go-ahead score at that time. It's frustrating."

It was a season when last year's Super Bowl MVP couldn't make the big plays, and he couldn't make them yesterday, either.

He frequently missed open receivers, just as he had during the season.

"It's been kind of the way the year has been. We had some chances and missed a few things early and that's kind of the way the season went," he said.

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